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When to wash face

This may seem like a silly question but I'm wondering at what point when taking a shower is the best tme to wash your face? Shoud it be the first thing washed? The last? Keep in mind I take my shower at night.

Re: When to wash face

Thanks everyone!

Re: When to wash face

Hi Shyvicki-


I usually do it as a last step as well. Just in case any shampoo or conditioner happens to go onto my face!

<3 Melissa

Re: When to wash face

I vote last because hair conditioner etc can make you break out from all the oils.

Re: When to wash face

I usually do it last or while I'm having a hair mask or conditioner sit in my hair. Last step is good as it make sure you get shampoo and conditioner off your face too. 


There's no right or wrong way so play around and see what works best for your skin!  Smiley Happy 

Luv&Lipgloss, Diana

Re: When to wash face

I wash my hair first, put on conditioner and rinse. That way if the hot water runs out, I wont have to rinse my hair with cold water. Then I wash my face and my body.

Re: When to wash face

i wash it absolutely last. That way I can make sure I wash off all the conditioner around my hairline (I break out there sometimes).  Then I can put moisturizer on first thing out of the shower to keep my face from drying out.  I am also sensitive to fragrance so I wouldnt want shampoo & conditioner in my open pores (if i washed my face first). But that is just me Smiley Happy

Re: When to wash face

Ohh, just saw this before getting in the shower. It probably doesn't matter that much, buuut, I will just list out my shower routine anyways:

- shampoo first to hold the hair up while I wash my back and stuff.

- soap/body wash

- at this point skin is softened and damp, so scrubs it is!

- rinse everything

- facial cleanser now the skin is soft and pores are open.


I find masks much more effective applied after a shower than when I just wash my face normally, so this is what I do before applying body lotion and get dressed. Then rinse off the mask and the whole skincare routine. Ok, I'm gonna go shower now. Cheers!

Re: When to wash face

Doesn't really matter at what point you wash your face, just as long as you do wash it. For me I always wash my hair put my conditioner on, then use my face wash and remove with a warm wash cloth and just rinse my face after that to make sure it's washed off completely, then continue with my regular shower. No question is silly it's how you learn. Hope this helps!

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