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What will be a good toner and a good am moisturizer with spf for sensitive acne-prone skin?

Ive had sensitive skin but never had break-outs before not even during my teenage years, but eversince i moved to san francisco 2 years ago which is cooler and less humid from where i came from i started breaking out so badly!


The break-outs wer controllable for awhile and i only get them atleast once a month but because ive gotten crazy over my skincare routine i noticed that my skin became worst, i now have a lot of break-outs on my forehead, cheeks, lots of blackheads and darkspots from my previous acne. also now i have dry combination acne-prone sensitive skin. 


I am happy with my current skincare, i am using a cleanser with 2% salicylic acid, exfoliate 3-4 times a week, and a gel based moisturizer at night but i cant seem to find a good toner and an am moisturizer with spf thats fit for my skin type... ive read some very good reviews on shiseido, josie maran, and murad. But i dont know which brand will be most helpful for my skin-type. Also aside from my acne, i wanna treat my darkspots as well.

Hiya Liezt - I have acne prone skin with mild rosacea.  T...

Hiya Liezt - I have acne prone skin with mild rosacea.  The combo that I am using right now, which I love, for morning is: Kate Sommerville Clarifying toner and Murad Essential-C Day Moisture SPF 30.  The Murad C is great b/c of the relatively high spf for a moisturizer and b/c the vit C has brightening properties, i.e. for  those dark spots for previous acne  (though admitedly that results will take a while to see).  I like the Kate Sommerville Toner b/c it helps combat acne (and also claims to help with brightening skin), but DOES NOT contain alcohol, so its pretty safe for senstive skin. 


I know you had said you are pretty happy with rest of your  regime, but just FYI, in case your interested or are curious as to how the products I mentioned mix with the other things I use, at night I alternate between PTR Retinol PM Fusion and Murad Lightening Gel as a treatment, followed by a simple moisturizer and a spot treatment (Clinque Emergency Lotion-Gel) as needed. So far my skin is pretty happy and calm.  Good luck and welcome!

hmm, let's see. I've only used Josie Maran Argan Oil out...

hmm, let's see. I've only used Josie Maran Argan Oil out of the 3 you mentioned. I have oily combination skin, so I only use the oil on the driest day in winter. It does not irritate acne or raw skin, so you might like to try it. For AM moisturizers, Origins Perfect World SPF25, Ole Henriksen Truth Revealed SPF15, and Estee Lauder Hydrationist cream SPF 15 are what I use for winter, so they should work for you for summer.


I use Clinique Toner 2, which have menthol and alcohol so it might not be good for sensitive skin. Have you tried any of the Origins toners? I'm currently using their 95% Organic Purifying toner, not carried on Sephora, but makes my skin super smooth without drying my skin out and contains mild acne fighting ingredients. Sometimes the acne and sensitivity could be due to dry skin combined with severe treatments, so you can try a light cream moisturizer instead of gel, or Perfect World lotion (toner) which give your skin a dose of hydration.


p.s. Beauty Balm and primers are make up, so if you are wearing those instead of or with your moisturizer in the morning, be sure to remove them at night either with make up remover or deep cleanser.

Sounds like a beauty balm would be perfect for you.  blac...

Sounds like a beauty balm would be perfect for you. dr-jart black labels for acne prone skin or skin prone to break-out,  detoxifys, brightens, treats dark spots, protects,soothes and it also is moisturizing, it is an all around good guy for the skin w/out oil. I'd suggest using this beauty balm, then dust on mineral powder spf protection like peter thomas roth or bare minerals or use the dr jart water based beauty balm w spf.

I hope this is helpful.
it costs $36.00, use about a pea size and spread w a foundation brush$ ($ value)
Dr Jart Black Label Beauty Balm, Beauty Balm Dr Jart also has a water based BB w SPF.
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