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What the best skincare product for brightening?

What do you think?

I'm not exactly sure what you are wanting to brighten, fo...

I'm not exactly sure what you are wanting to brighten, for instance, your undereye area, your overall complexion, etc.  So I'm going to give you information on a couple of different products and hopefully one will be what you're looking for.

A product that you simply mix a drop or two in with your regular liquid foundation or tinted moisturizer to give you an overall radiance is LORAC Oil-Free Luminizer.  It is a 100% oil-free and fragrance-free luminizer that adds an incandescent sheen to brighten your face, providing an instant pick-me-up.  As I mentioned you can mix with foundation or you can wear it alone.  You can find it here:

If you are wanting a product to add a brightening effect on certain specific areas of your face, then I'd recommend trying the YSL TOUCHE ÉCLAT Radiant Touch which is a luminizing pen that brings light and radiance to your skin, immediately erases any signs of fatigue, and brightens your complexion.  Loved by models, makeup artists, celebrities, and women everywhere, the award-winning Yves Saint Laurent TOUCHE ÉCLAT Radiant Touch is like eight hours of sleep and an instant pick-me-up in a magic wand.  With a few strategically placed strokes of TOUCHE ÉCLAT, your complexion immediately looks rested, rejuvenated, and radiant.  TOUCHE ÉCLAT banishes shadows and tired-looking eyes by adding light and creating an instant lift to the eye area.  TOUCHE ÉCLAT widens eyes when used between the eyebrows and along the sides of the nose, and creates fuller looking lips when used in the hollow of the chin and around the contour of your lips.  It's formulated for all skin types and for anyone who wants instant radiance, luminosity, and lift.  You can find it here:

Hope this helps. Smiley Happy

You can try Jurlique. I've tried the Purely White Skin Br...

You can try Jurlique. I've tried the Purely White Skin Brightening Night Treatment and i really like it. This natural skincare line also has a brightening essence, a cleanser, and a day cream. In my opinion, it's a bit pricey if you invest in the whole line. You can also try Shiseido, which also has a brightening line, but I have personally never tried it. Clinique also offers a brightening line, too. I think the best way is to get samples because every skin type is different and with brightening products, there could easily be negative effects that affect others and not you or vice versa. Good luck and I hope this helps!

If you want overall brightening effect, asian skincare br...

If you want overall brightening effect, asian skincare brands are the best as they are the industry leader in all brightening whitening. All the big Western skincare brands make brightening lines but most of them don't sell them in the US. Those brands include: Estee Lauder Cyber White EX, Diorsnow (asia has the entire collection whereas the US have a few pieces), Clarins Bright plus (White plus in asia, entire collection), Lancome Blanc Expert, Chanel Blanc Essentiel, Clinique Derma White, Shiseido White lucent (entire line not available in US), UV White (Shiseido chain stores in US). Kose Sekkisei is also very effective, as they use traditional Eastern medicine. 

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