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What skincare product are you into right now?

BORED. So borrrrrrreeeeed! You know how sometimes you'd have a closet full/bursting with clothe but "nothing to wear"? I'm like that right now with skincare. Currently I'm using a retinol serum at night, so I can't try any fancy exfoliating stuff. And it's really dry winter, so I don't wanna risk flaky skin with new moisturizers. Which leaves masks as the one thing I can play around with......... so far I've tried ALL of Glamglow, Boscia, Wei and Origin's masks. Also Murad clarifying, SK-II/When/Shiseido sheet masks, Fresh Rose/Black Tea, PTR cucumber/sulfur, and OH blue/blackberry. This is literally me right now (minus the sexy air):

So, any mask recommendations?


Or is there a new skincare product you are trying and liking? do tell. =)

Re: What skincare product are you into right now?

Haha, I'm trying out a packet sample right now! (I think I have hundreds of samples....)  I just wanted a more personal review from someone who has tried out a lot of different brands and is able to compare the quality of her brand. Smiley Happy

Re: What skincare product are you into right now?

Try the Dr. Jart+ masks...I got one as a little extra thing in an order I placed and ended up really liking it. I love the Shiseido retinol eye masks too. I use other Dr. Jart products, like the BB cream and pore cleanser and really like it.


This is one of the masks:


Re: What skincare product are you into right now?

This! I got a sample from a TSB and I'll be returning my Josie Maran Milk and Oil later this week in exchange for this stuff. I love it. 

Re: What skincare product are you into right now?

I'm in love with three products, one of which I will be mourning when I run out of a sample.


1. L'Occitaine 100% Shea Butter- This winter has been rough on my skin, especially my cuticles. I have a huge nail event coming up this weekend and this has done wonders- more than Dior Creme Abricot!  Sephora only sells the $42 large size, but L'Occitaine sells a mini tin for just $12.


2. L'Occitaine Almond Shower Oil- This has helped immensely. And it smells yummy. Thanks, 500 pt perk for pushing me over the edge! I tried it previously and forgot how awesome it is.


3.  Zelens Z Recovery Repair Balm- I got a sample of this at Space NK when I mentioned how my skin was so unhappy with the weather.  I'm going to have a small moment of mourning when I run out because -ohmigod- this stuff is incredible. I have super sensitive skin, and it's so, so happy right now.  Too bad it's $225 a jar!

Re: What skincare product are you into right now?

Ohh, I've been eyeing the L'occitane 100% shea butter for a while, but right now I'm just using oil on my nails (and I've got the Josie Maran Argan Balm). It's definitely on my list tho, cuz I always get this flaky/dry/cracked patch on one of my fingers no matter how well I take care of the whole hand, every single winter.....


ps. Haven't seen you in a while. Welcome back!

Re: What skincare product are you into right now?

You guys might just want to check out shea butter from another online supplier. If its 100% shea it shouldn't be any different than L'Occitaine's. I buy tubs of the organic stuff for like $10 bucks for 8 oz when I make my own lotion blends. 

Re: What skincare product are you into right now?

fresh Umbrian clay mask, worth every Penny. 

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