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What skincare product are you into right now?

BORED. So borrrrrrreeeeed! You know how sometimes you'd have a closet full/bursting with clothe but "nothing to wear"? I'm like that right now with skincare. Currently I'm using a retinol serum at night, so I can't try any fancy exfoliating stuff. And it's really dry winter, so I don't wanna risk flaky skin with new moisturizers. Which leaves masks as the one thing I can play around with......... so far I've tried ALL of Glamglow, Boscia, Wei and Origin's masks. Also Murad clarifying, SK-II/When/Shiseido sheet masks, Fresh Rose/Black Tea, PTR cucumber/sulfur, and OH blue/blackberry. This is literally me right now (minus the sexy air):

So, any mask recommendations?


Or is there a new skincare product you are trying and liking? do tell. =)

Re: What skincare product are you into right now?

The AL wash I got from their website direct during Christmas (how could I refuse 30% off), is in a clear bottle rather than a milky, white bottle which is what I've gotten from Sephora both times I've ordered it. The one from AL direct seems a bit more pearly and has more of a sheen to it and actually feels richer and creamier. I also noticed the scent was more brisk than the one from Sephora. It's not an overwhelming, sickly citrus scent, but it's definitely invigorating and I notice it a lot more.



The pic above shows what my bottle from Sephora looked like (opaque) and the product being an opaque, creamy gel. I can't find any photos online that shows how the bottle/product looks from the brand itself.


I actually don't have the original bottle to compare ingredient listings, and the order they fall in, but I still really like the one I got from the website as much as I like the ones I've gotten from Sephora.


I've used Studio Gear's glycolic wash before, it's more gel like, not as milky and creamy as AL's, it's not bad, but comparing the two, AL wins hands down.

Re: What skincare product are you into right now?

@Lylysa: The clear bottled version you bought from AL is the reformulated one (with the citrusy scent) -- if eventually you're able to compare the bottles,  you will note the ingredient change. My local Sephora stores have all switched to this version (which now cites "normal to oily" instead of "all skin types," I believe. You're right in that it has more of a pearly sheen, rather than white lotion. I'm sad because I liked the first version, but it doesn't seem to have caused any change in my skin -- perhaps the glycolic reduction (or however else they reformulated it -- that's just what I noticed on the ingredients list when comparing the two) was minor. 

Re: What skincare product are you into right now?

I looked on my new AL bottle, glycolic acid is listed 4th. First is water, then glycerine, then a coconut based surfactant (can't remember the full/scientific name), then glycolic acid.


Re: What skincare product are you into right now?

Yes! On the older / opaque bottle, I believe it's third. I'm not sure what the percentage was vs. what it is, so maybe it's not a large change. It feels different to me, but I'm sure I'll keep using it, at least for now. 

Re: What skincare product are you into right now?

I think I may have a mini bottle of the opaque AL bottle around, must investigate tonight (last night while I was checking my new bottle I was totally thinking "Ooo, must remember to report back to my girls in BT!" Smiley Tongue). It feels like it's a frothier cream, I notice it gives more of a lather than the original.



Re: What skincare product are you into right now?

Already tried it, curtesy of lylysa, lol. I'm trying to use up the ones I have right now.

Re: What skincare product are you into right now?

Oh I found a Dr. Hauschka cleansing cream. So, either Korres milk protein or Dr. Hauschka then.......not sure if I'm a fan of the metal tube.....

Re: What skincare product are you into right now?

I used to use the Korres milk protein cleanser wipes a lot, but they have a weird smell. They were gentle, but left my skin feeling oily or just not clean. I use PTR serum which I love, I have been curious about their cleansers...


Re: What skincare product are you into right now?

Oh by the way, beautytester, have you tried out any Paula's Choice products? I'm thinking of breaking my rule of not ordering skincare online (returning is always a hassle), just for her line. 

Re: What skincare product are you into right now?

No I haven't, but I believe hers is one of the brands that do send out samples, so if you ask nicely, I think they will be able to send you some samples?

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