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What skincare product are you into right now?

BORED. So borrrrrrreeeeed! You know how sometimes you'd have a closet full/bursting with clothe but "nothing to wear"? I'm like that right now with skincare. Currently I'm using a retinol serum at night, so I can't try any fancy exfoliating stuff. And it's really dry winter, so I don't wanna risk flaky skin with new moisturizers. Which leaves masks as the one thing I can play around with......... so far I've tried ALL of Glamglow, Boscia, Wei and Origin's masks. Also Murad clarifying, SK-II/When/Shiseido sheet masks, Fresh Rose/Black Tea, PTR cucumber/sulfur, and OH blue/blackberry. This is literally me right now (minus the sexy air):

So, any mask recommendations?


Or is there a new skincare product you are trying and liking? do tell. =)

Re: What skincare product are you into right now?

Yeah, and here I was feeling guilty for using a $65 dollar eye cream!  They sent me a generous sample (1/4 size), but I just can't bring myself to try it!

Re: What skincare product are you into right now?

Hmmmm, better to let it sit in your drawer and go rancid! Lol! Let me know if you end up liking it so I have yet one more indulgence to hide from my husband. Smiley Wink

Re: What skincare product are you into right now?

Well, if you can't bring yourself to try it.....



Re: What skincare product are you into right now?

Almond Firming And Softening Supple Skin Oil



rose face mask


Re: What skincare product are you into right now?

Right now I'm kind of obsessed with Sibu Beauty and Andalou Naturals as a whole. And randomly finding products at Tj Maxx and Ross for a super good deal is not helping ( normally I get these products at Sprouts and Whole Foods for full price).


I am on a cleansing balm fix right now---I got a deluxe sample from REN and a sample of the Clinique one from a friend and I bought the Clinique full sized one from Sephora already. At first I thought it was weird that you rub it onto dry skin but its magical---it turns from a solid balm into an oil, melts off 100% of my makeup including eye and rinses clean without leaving my dry skin tight and uncomfortable.


OH OH! And Egyptian Magic Skin Cream! I LOVE this for PM use before bed. Its all natural, only has a handful of ingredients in it, and feels very luxe---balmy texture, 4 oz for less than 40 bucks at whole foods. When my skin is acting up ( redness, breakouts, sensitivity, etc) I put it all over my face before bed and it heals my skin overnight. MUST HAVE.


I also fell in love with Waxelene at Whole Foods ( it comes in a tube, a small jar and a LARGE 9 oz jar). Its a Vaseline substitute, all natural and supposed to be good on dry skin/lips/good as makeup remover. I rubbed a bit on my lips and OMG---smells so good, feels soooo good, really gets into dry lips and heals the dryness and I don't have to worry about ingesting something awful. I ordered the big jar from Amazon ( cheaper hehe....) and cant wait to try it as hand cream and makeup remover and maybe even face cream. LOVE the texture.

Re: What skincare product are you into right now?


These are some rave worthy products that you might not know about. Smiley Very Happy


Re: What skincare product are you into right now?

I am so intrigued by the Egyptian Magic cream! Sephoramusthave - what is your skin type? I'm struggling with congested pores and some red marks from picking at my face, any thoughts on how it would help with these? Thanks! 

Re: What skincare product are you into right now?

LOVE waxelene!

Re: What skincare product are you into right now?

Yes!  Another cleansing balm fan!  Maybe I've been reading too much of Caroline Hirons's blog, but especially after getting into cleansing balms, now I never wet my face before using a cleanser.  How did you like the REN one?  Is it any good at removing make-up?  

Re: What skincare product are you into right now?

The Ren one is thicker than the Clinique one going on, smells really good and leaves my skin soft and hydrated. I've only used it 3 times and it does remove makeup because I used cotton pad and toner straight after and nothing came off on the pad. I didn't use it on my eyes though because a lot of reviewers said that it irritated their eye area. Its a lot more expensive then Clinique, but you get more products ( 3.8 vs 5.1 oz I believe). I also like that the REN one is all natural. I will probably repurchase the full sized REN but for now the Clinique one is my absolute fave one so far. I have the EVE LOM on my loves list, but the 7 step cleansing program is kinda turning me off ( who needs that right before bed when I'm tired?!?) and it has all those parabens.....but it is a cleanser so the ingredients wash off in the sink anyway.

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