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What skincare product are you into right now?

BORED. So borrrrrrreeeeed! You know how sometimes you'd have a closet full/bursting with clothe but "nothing to wear"? I'm like that right now with skincare. Currently I'm using a retinol serum at night, so I can't try any fancy exfoliating stuff. And it's really dry winter, so I don't wanna risk flaky skin with new moisturizers. Which leaves masks as the one thing I can play around with......... so far I've tried ALL of Glamglow, Boscia, Wei and Origin's masks. Also Murad clarifying, SK-II/When/Shiseido sheet masks, Fresh Rose/Black Tea, PTR cucumber/sulfur, and OH blue/blackberry. This is literally me right now (minus the sexy air):

So, any mask recommendations?


Or is there a new skincare product you are trying and liking? do tell. =)

Re: What skincare product are you into right now?

I'm currently in love with Elizabeth Arden's Ceramide Capsules Daily Youth Restoring Serum. I love how they are individual capsules that if I'm travelling I can toss a few into a small bag. My skin literally drinks the product right up and even my boyfriend was quick to say how soft and glowy my skin has looked lately. <3

I didn't go into the product with super high hopes, so it has exceeded my expectations. c:

Re: What skincare product are you into right now?

Interesting! I do know that potent active ingredients tend to break down faster with exposure to air/light, so capsules sound like a great idea (eventho, knowing me, I'd be dropping/shooting them left and right while trying to opening them...).

Re: What skincare product are you into right now?

I'm loviiiing a sample I got from Time Bomb. They sent me a huge deluxe sample of their Derm Warfare Night Serum, and it's to die for! I wake up every morning oil-free and all one color (I get red realllly easily).

I also love the Fresh Umbrian Clay Mattifying Mask. It's the best for getting rid of stubborn blackheads on my nose. 

Next up would have to be Boscia Makeup-Breakup Cool Cleansing Oil for taking off my makeup at night without feeling dried out and raw afterwards.

Then Tarte Maracuja Oil. I use it on my face, morning and night, and I put a few drops in my hair when it's still wet and my hair has been looking fantastic and shiny!

And finally, ExfoliKate Gentle, which is just amazing, and so much easier on my skin than the regular one.

Re: What skincare product are you into right now?

@BrennaBombshell. Wait what? it tones down redness? Must try! Was the sample with purchase or without?


Huh, haven't heard of Time Bomb, but I do have a perpetually "embarassed" face and it's not due to inflammation or irritation, which are what other redness reducing skincare addresses.


Yay! Now I don't feel so bad about hoarding Tarte maracuja oils. =P

Re: What skincare product are you into right now?

Oh absolutely! And without! I simply sent them a nice email, telling them that I was looking for new skincare products, and that I have very sensitive skin, so I prefer to try products before purchasing them. I told them that I was interested in that particular serum, and they sent me this ridiculously big sample, I thought it was full-sized until I looked on the website again, and it's not, but it is very generous, with a pump applicator. Just Google Time Bomb Cosmetics, because I can't link to them on here. They're incredibly friendly, got back to me within two days and my sample came in the mail two days after that! You only need a little bit, so I can see the sample lasting me a while, but I plan on repurchasing, and also trying out the day serum as well. But usually in the mornings, I wake up with flush-face, and this has totally made that go away! I look like a human being when I wake up! 


And no, don't feel bad, because I've been seriously considering buying the "jumbo" bottle of the maracuja oil, because the stuff is a godsend. I'd eat it if I wasn't grossed out after just typing that and realizing how awful that sounds. 


Re: What skincare product are you into right now?

Right now my skincare products... are majority unimpressive besides my clarisonic but you've probably all heard all about it so no need to repeat Smiley Tongue I'm trying to up my skincare game but it's so hard for me to get myself to get something new because I'm like.... My skin will kill me if I do. So I'm just to hesitant to try new cleansers and I've pretty much forgone treatments to... Sad skincare life here.

Re: What skincare product are you into right now?

Totally understand. I'm really afraid of irritating or clogging up my skin with new skincare, so trying out new moisturizers are like terrifying adventures. No bungee jumping needed. Just lots of deluxe samples, and the adrenaline and panic comes soon enough!

Re: What skincare product are you into right now?

Im currently using JM oil bc I have super dry/ flaky skin.  

Re: What skincare product are you into right now?

I have been using PTR firmx peeling gel lately and have noticed significantly smoother skin. The product and dead skin cells ball up as I rub it in, then I wash it all away. I hadn't used a peel like this before. It's different and therefore Fun!

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