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What should I do about face redness?

My face is naturally pink but can get very red.  It can take on that red/purple hot to the touch and is especially worse when I wash my face later in the day and try to reapply makeup...i.e. when I get ready to go out.  I've used Clinique Redness Solutions primer and foundation along with various other similar products. While these help some they make the other areas of my face take on a strange hue.  I'm hoping there is a skincare suggestion someone has.  I've tried tons of different tone correcting toners, moisturizers, cleansers but nothing gets me the effects I want.  The worst is when my face gets really red there is nothing I've found I can do that will make it better, even washing it and starting over just makes it worse.  

Thanks for the help!

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Re: What should I do about face redness?

I was recently diagnosed with Rosacea so I definitely know about redness!! I have prescription lotion now but haven't had to use it since the weather got cold.  I'm using new skin care, Murad Resurgence because I have had a hysterectomy at age 43 due to a tumor.  But I'm find this skin care is huge change in my skin.  I'm not even wearing foundation anymore! I have tried both the primers for redness, the green one from MUF and Clinique's yellow one also the powder.  Clinique is working better for me.  The green did nothing.  I believe it comes down to everyone's own person body chemistry, age, skin tone etc.  Try the samples and see what works best.  If you don't get any relief from lotions or treatments from stores...then a trip to the dermatologist may be in order for you. I still have a problem with broken capillaries and that's from being a sun worshipper from my teens and then tanning booths later on.  Have a couple of scares with a few spots taken off as "suspicious" got me right out of any sort of tanning PERIOD!!  It's just not worth it!!  So it's really going to depend on your age, skin type, general health and any other skin needs.  So do try the samples before buying and if you do buy something and it's just not working.  Sephora is wonderful about refunds/returns/exchanges.  But again, if none of these are working there may be something more medical at work here. 

Re: What should I do about face redness?

My skin is the same, and while I can't seem to find something to make me wake-up with perfect skin (...the dream...), the best two products I've used for this problem, personally, are: MUFE Primer in #1 Green ( to combat the redness appearance-wise, and Fresh Rose Face Mask ( to sooth my skin on days it's particularly bad. 

Re: What should I do about face redness?

Thank you all so much! This is all great advice! It's nice to know that other people have this issue....not that I would wish this on anyone because as you know, it's SO frustrating....everything I've done in the past, the more I try to make the redness go away the worse it gets.  My skin does tend toward dryness but lately I've had trouble with it also being oily so I might be getting into the combination category.  I've tried Clinique's redness solutions primer and it made the rest of my skin look pale and sickly.  I also used Stila's One Step Correct Primer that they recommended at Sephora and had some luck with that for when I first put on my makeup but again, in the evenings if I used it, no luck.  

I'm definitely looking into all your suggestions! Thank you SO much!

Re: What should I do about face redness?

I have more experience with natural products.

I find that green tea works very well with calming down red skin. Get matcha green tea powder, you can order it online or find it at an Asian grocery. You mix this into a paste to use as an exfoliator, or make a very strong tea to use as a toner. Even better if you add things like honey, milk, or rice water.

I've noticed that having both natural and man-made beauty products within your regime can really improve the skin.

Work on your diet, as well. My skin GLOWS when I eat less meat/dairy/carbohydrates and more fruits/veggies/nuts. Avocados are fantastic for the skin/hair.

Re: What should I do about face redness?

FAB is incredibly gently & had worked wonders for my sensitive skin. How is your skin? Dry, oily, combo?? If you're more on the dry side, then over washing might be an issue. What kind of cleanser/moisturizer do you use?? Is it drying?? A good cleanser for your skin type shouldn't leave your face feeling tight & dried out.

Have you tried color correcting primers?? It should take quite a bit of the redness out. Honestly, I feel like your issues might be with the cleansers/over washing. Try something a little more gently (maybe a cream cleanser) and see if the redness improves. Hope this helps!

Re: What should I do about face redness?

i have the same problem as you, well at least i used too!


now i use a whole system and it generally helps the redness,


i use the Murad anti-redness system, its a cleanser a toner and a moisterizer, they only sell the set together on there website and its a 60 day amount of product. 


i use the Urban decay b-6 prep spray, it really helps cool and calm my skin for whatever reason, sometimes it just gets really red and hot for no reason and this really helps.


i also have been using the Makeup forever HD primer in the shade 1, its green, you use it before your makeup.



when i went in to get my makeup done at sephora when my face was very red the girl showed me a product by Korres called the greek yogurt nourishing primer, she applied it and like 5 minutes later my face was better....


good luck Smiley Happy

Re: What should I do about face redness?

My face gets red to the point of pain too. Lucky us Smiley Sad My absolute favorite cleanser is Dr. Weil for Origins Mega Mushroom Skin Relief cleanser. Sephora isn't carrying it anymore, but I got it at Macy's. After I wash my face, the redness is gone. It's seriously amazing. It's milky and so soothing.

Watch out with the rest of his line if you actually have rosacea or sensitive skin - the serum, night moisturizer, and lotion all broke me out and left me very red.

The First Aid Beauty line is also gentle enough for sensitive/red skin. Their products don't seem to make my skin worse, at least.

Re: What should I do about face redness?

Second Dr. Weil for Origin line, there's also FAB and Murad tho I don't know much about them.

Re: What should I do about face redness?


Dr Weils mega mushroom skin relief serum. SO GOOD! calms the skin and redness.

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