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What do you think about the no!no!

Has anyone tried the no!no! hair remover? I want to know if it actually leaves the skin hairless after a few months.

Hi ombre! I haven't used no!no! personally, but I've been...

Hi ombre!

I haven't used no!no! personally, but I've been dying to try it. One thing I noticed is that they've changed their marketing tactic to say that "no hair removal is permanent except electrolysis". So I don't know if they're saying that the no!no! does not offer a permanent hair removal solution or not...I've heard mixed things about it. Most people seem to agree that it lessens hair growth and density.


If you decide to use it, perhaps you could ask your doctor about using it alongside Vaniqa? Vaniqa is a topical medication that is supposed to stop hair regrowth where it is applied. It's good for small areas, but too expensive to be used on legs and arms.


Please keep us updated if you try it out. I hope it works! 

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