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What beauty product reduces sunburn?

There used to be a brand sephora carried (that i cant recall the name of) and they had this cooling gel that if you would put it on your sun burnt skin over night it would literally make it disappear! Im pretty much just looking for a high end Aloe Vera.. Do you know of any products that sephora carries that can help with my crazy sun burnt skin?

Re: What beauty product reduces sunburn?

Are you thinking of the Korres Yoghurt Cooling Gel? I've heard great things about it. I just bought someya couple of weeks ago. Thankfully, I haven't had a sunburn yet to try it out. 

Re: What beauty product reduces sunburn?

Whenever I go to Cabo or anyplace down south I always have the Ole Henriksen Aloe Vera Gel.

My boyfriend recently burned 3 fingers on a lawn mower motor & wouldn't let me put burn strips on him and hates solarcaine. I left the bottle on his night stand knowing he probably wouldn't even think to try it, but he did & is applying it 3x a day with much improvement. 

Re: What beauty product reduces sunburn?

Hi mscaligirl14, 


I agree that it may have been the Korres Yoghurt Cooling Gel which is great for nourishing and hydrating the skin. 




You may also want to try the Hampton Sun Serious Shimmer Cooling Spray or the Continuous Mist Hydrating Aloe. I have tried both and they are great for making your skin feel refreshed and less "burned" and the shimmer spray is NOT a huge glitter bomb. Smiley Happy


swfupload_2643524662938378538.jpg swfupload_5683276955817135572.jpg



Luv&Lipgloss, Diana

Re: What beauty product reduces sunburn?

When you first get burnt, aloe vera gel, either from the plant ( I keep one for this purpose) or in a bottle is your best friend.  You can get 100% Aloe Vera gel in drugstores and other places that would sell body products. After you initially treat it many of the products suggested are great for getting your skin back in condition.  Just remember that if you are blistered or deeply peeling, you don't want to put anything on that contains fragrance or ingredients that exfoliate.  I say that because none of us likes the look of peeling skin but if it's raw underneath you can do some serious damage. 


Re: What beauty product reduces sunburn?

Definitely aloe vera, theres also a spray you can get from i believe banana boat that has aloe in it to spray immediately after you get sun. Any type of aloe vera lotion/gel to keep skin hydrated

Re: What beauty product reduces sunburn?

I know it sounds weird, but apple cider vinegar takes the redness out of a sunburn almost overnight. I was super skeptical when my best friend told me to try it. I soaked a paper towel and left it on my shoulders for a few minutes before going to bed, when I woke up the next morning the redness was completely gone! And like everyone else said, aloe vera works wonders on keeping your skin hydrated.

Re: What beauty product reduces sunburn?

Agreed on everything here...also greek yoghurt, and take ibuprofen to combat the inflammation. Of course, make sure to apply sunscreen to this area to prevent further damage (and keep it covered if possible).


Finally, if/ when you start to peel, a gentle toner on a cotton ball seems to be better than a scrub for getting rid of the dead skin, followed with one of the after-sun treatments mentioned.


The other thing to remember, even when you are good about applying enough sunscreen, reapplying etc, is that nothing protects you after 4 hours of sun exposure.

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