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What are toners used for?

Haha please don’t come for me on this post. I am truly curious. What do you use your toner for? What is your favorite toner? 

How should I incorporate it into my skincare? 

thank you besties☺️💕🦋


Re: What are toners used for?

No good question ! So toners are actually my favourite skin care products. You can use them to bring your skin back to balance and normal pH after cleansing with a alcohol free toner like Kiehl's Since 1851 Cucumber Herbal Alcohol-Free Toner 8.4 oz/ 250 mL . If you are dry you can boost your hydration with them using a toner like CLINIQUE Moisture Surge™ Hydrating Lotion 6.7 oz/ 200 mL . You can calm irritated skin down with them with a toner like First Aid Beauty Hydrating Toner with Squalane + Oats 6 oz/ 177 mL that will help if you get redness. There are great toners that work like treatments now too. For acne I personally love Clinique's acne control toner. Another great treatment toner is GLAMGLOW SUPERTONER™ Exfoliating Acid Solution Toner 7 oz/ 200 mL which will help with acne, dark spots, texture and pore size. I find toners keep stepping up their game, and people don't realize how many great, effective toners are out there. I personally love SK-II Anti-Aging Facial Treatment Essence  it is suppose to be used as a toner but I personally use it as a Serum. I apply with an old Serum dropper instead of a cotton pad. And for the amount you get compared to the price of your typical Serum you can't beat. I have started trying more toners as serums lately then trying out actual serums. So I suggest looking at what you want to improve in your skin (hydration, dullness, dark spots, acne) and start looking at toners specific for your concerns. And give some a try as a Serum you would be surprised! 

Should also mention toners should be applied after cleansing before serums, oils, and creams ! 

Re: What are toners used for?

For further cleansing and toning - There are different types that target your skin concerns. For example, hydrating, smoothing and softening, fixing your texture. The glycolic acid toner by the ordinary is amazing for your texture. The rose hydration toner by fresh is amazing for hydration. Paulas choice BHA is amazing for blackheads whiteheads scars complexion and deep cleansing. 

Re: What are toners used for?

@brittbby254  Once upon a time, nearly all toners were alcohol-heavy astringents. Their main purposes were to rebalance skin’s pH level after cleansing (because back then, cleansers were quite alkaline) and remove any remaining dirt/makeup/etc. a cleanser might’ve missed. Nowadays, there’s far less need for astringent toners: most modern cleansers are already within a good pH range for skin. 

Today’s toners are made to do one or more various jobs like exfoliate (usually AHA toners), hydrate, brighten skin tone, treat acne, etc. Whether or not a toners even necessary depends on your particular skin type/behavior, your skincare goals, and existing products in your skincare routine. 
I use 3 different toners, but not daily—and definitely not to rebalance my skins pH or remove excess dirt/makeup. Here's each toner and how/why I use it on my inflammation-prone, fairly sensitive, and mostly-dry combo skin: 
  • Good Molecules Niacinamide Brightening Toner - hyperpigmentation fighter, hydration boost, and a good dose of niacinamide. I use it most mornings on my face and neck. 
  • COSRX Centella Water Alcohol-Free Toner - a skin soother and hydrator. I use it as a hydrating mist between each step of my skincare routine, day and night. This one's a daily product. 
  • The INKEY List Polyhydroxy Acid (PHA) Gentle Exfoliating Toner 3.4 oz/ 100 mL - a very gentle chemical exfoliant. I use it twice a week on my neck and bumpy tear troughs. (I usually use a 10% AHA exfoliant on the rest my face.) 
If you plan to use a toner to remove excess dirt/makeup/etc., I think you're better off getting a micellar water product for that. You can use micellar water before or after your cleanser. And of course, there's always double cleansing... micellar water can be your first step of a double cleanse, or you can go the cleansing oil route, or use a cleansing balm, etc. 

Re: What are toners used for?

It’s not a crazy question ppl ask this question all the time! Lol Toners are used to cleanse your skin of all its impurities but still help balance your skins pH, and adds moisture back into the skin especially since toners are used after cleansing and then helps your moisturizer do it’s job even better! I always think C T M. Cleanse, Tone, Moisturize. Also, you can do some more research online and possibly talk to your esthetician or dermatologist about toners and all of the other things they help do! 

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