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Weirdest/strangest beauty thing you've ever tried, and does it work?

So there are a lot of sketchy sounding DIY, or $43030402 treatment out there (I just read an article about facial contouring where you pay $85 for somebody to slap your face around, cellulite treatment where you get a butt mask (yea, you read that right), and the normal (in comparison) smearing strange stuff from animals onto your face).


Have you tried anything out of the ordinary? do they work? toothpaste on pimple? baking soda scrub? mayo hair mask? snail slime on face?


For me, I've read about milk bath but it seems so wasteful. I had a couple cups of milk that were just about to expire, so I did a milk soak for my feet instead. It was nice, but it wasn't amazing and I wouldn't miss it. Also, there was a strong smell of milk while I soak. I also tried rosewater/rose petals in the bath. Honestly rose petals are more for aesthetic purposes, but rosewater is pretty soothing and did make the water softer.


Re: Weirdest/strangest beauty thing you've ever tried, and does it work?

The most obscure thing I've tried was an animal placenta hair mask. A ton of people I know swear by them and I did see an overall improvement in my hair...but it just grossed me out to know end knowing where the primary ingredient came from. Luckily the mask was scented which helped me in imaging something better on my hair.

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