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Weirdest/strangest beauty thing you've ever tried, and does it work?

So there are a lot of sketchy sounding DIY, or $43030402 treatment out there (I just read an article about facial contouring where you pay $85 for somebody to slap your face around, cellulite treatment where you get a butt mask (yea, you read that right), and the normal (in comparison) smearing strange stuff from animals onto your face).


Have you tried anything out of the ordinary? do they work? toothpaste on pimple? baking soda scrub? mayo hair mask? snail slime on face?


For me, I've read about milk bath but it seems so wasteful. I had a couple cups of milk that were just about to expire, so I did a milk soak for my feet instead. It was nice, but it wasn't amazing and I wouldn't miss it. Also, there was a strong smell of milk while I soak. I also tried rosewater/rose petals in the bath. Honestly rose petals are more for aesthetic purposes, but rosewater is pretty soothing and did make the water softer.

Re: Weirdest/strangest beauty thing you've ever tried, and does it work?

I'm not sure if it works with burnt toast, but using charcoal has been a common tooth cleanser since the 1800s at least. It's making a big comeback in Japan and Korea, especially with people looking for toothpastes without fluoride. Huh, I did find a site about toothpaste that says "The earliest record of an actual toothpaste was in 1780 and included scrubbing the teeth with a formula containing burnt bread."




You can also buy toothbrushes with charcoal in the bristles, which are supposed to be more resistant to bacteria growing on them, not sure if that is the case or not. 




This site I found also gives the world's oldest-known formula for a tooth cleaning product, used more than 1,500 years before Colgate began marketing the first commercial brand in 1873, has been discovered on a piece of dusty papyrus in the basement of a Viennese museum.
In faded black ink made of soot and gum arabic mixed with water, an ancient Egyptian scribe has carefully described what he calls a "powder for white and perfect teeth".
When mixed with saliva in the mouth, it forms a "clean tooth paste".
According to the document, written in the fourth century AD, the ingredients needed for the perfect smile are one drachma of rock salt - a measure equal to one hundredth of an ounce - two drachmas of mint, one drachma of dried iris flower and 20 grains of pepper, all of them crushed and mixed together.
The result is a pungent paste which one Austrian dentist who tried it said made his gums bleed but was a "big improvement" on some toothpaste formulae used as recently as a century ago.

Re: Weirdest/strangest beauty thing you've ever tried, and does it work?

i tried using coconut oil in my hair as a conditioner after hearing a lot of people say how good it is for your hait and soft and pretty it is after you rise your hair.  Unfortunately it didn't give me the same kind of results, it ended up making my hair super greasy and I couldn't get the grease out for 3 days!! I won't be trying that again lol

Re: Weirdest/strangest beauty thing you've ever tried, and does it work?

I got a seaweed body mask once where they slather your body in ground up seaweed and then wrap you in plastic film and make you lie around for 20 minutes. It smelled horrid and I was freezing to death the whole time. Plus it didn't do anything that I could tell. Epic waste of money.


There is a Hershey body wrap at the Spa at Hershey sort of near me where (I'm told) that they smear chocolate all over you and you lie around with it on. It seemed rather pricey and a waste of perfectly good chocolate to me, I'd rather eat it than wear it!

Re: Weirdest/strangest beauty thing you've ever tried, and does it work?

I have done that wrap thing once... they put me on some exercise machine too while I was all wrapped up... technically I did "lose" a few inches everywhere but I felt like they maybe just pulled the measuring tape tighter the second time around lol Smiley Happy

Re: Weirdest/strangest beauty thing you've ever tried, and does it work?

LOL. Seaweed body mask! That sounds awesomely terrible! I'm asian and I love eating seaweed, but that doesn't sound pleasant.


Hmmm, I have heard of Hershey chocolate body thing, but considering the quality/ingredents of hershey's chocolate bar (I'm a chocolate snob) I'm not sure it's that good for skin even if I have money to throw around....

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