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Volition Celery And YTTP Kale

Has anyone tried both and have some insight to share? I am curious about the Volition Beauty Celery Green Cream with Hyaluronic Acid + Peptides 1.7 oz/ 50mL and 1/2 way through my Youth To The People Superfood Air-Whip Moisturizer with Hyaluronic Acid 2 oz/ 60 mL

so it’s time to buy a backup or try something new. Since the sale is coming up I thought I’d throw it out there. The YTTP never causes pilling, which is the one thing that separates it from every other light-weight gel/cream moisturizer I’ve used. Wondering how the Volition works under a silicone primer (summer so I’m using COOLA - Mineral Face SPF 30 - Matte Tint). 

Volition Celery And YTTP Kale

@eshoe I have this on my love list to try!!

Re: Volition Celery And YTTP Kale

Can’t wait to hear about it, @lmaster...I don’t imagine it will stay there too long😉

Re: Volition Celery And YTTP Kale

Hahaha!! @eshoe I've been pretty good at no impulse buys,,, and I'm running out of room here 😂 I've told myself I have to use what I have first ( with certain products 😉)

Re: Volition Celery And YTTP Kale

@eshoe  I haven’t tried the Volition cream yet, but it’s on my “get an in-store sample” list. I did check the ingredients to see if it can fill any gaps in my skincare routine and/or provide something YTTP Superfood can’t. (It’s fairly easy to compare both moisturizers at a site like INCI Decoder.) YTTP has more antioxidants, including vitamins C and E, and 2 forms of hyaluronic acid. Volition has 2 peptides, a single form of HA (a different one than YTTP has), apple extract, and lactic acid. So... do I need the Volition cream? Probably not. But I wanna test all of the things! 😄 


I also scanned for skin irritants in the Volition cream. Lavender extract is right in the middle of its ingredient list. Hmm... my face is okay with some fragrances, but lavendar’s kinda iffy. I wish it was much lower on the list. I still want to try this moisturizer, though. 


If you try the Volition Celery Green Cream, I look forward to your review! 


Quick note (okay, rant) about YTTP Superfood’s packaging and vitamin C: 

I sincerely hope anyone who uses this moisturizer has moved it from its clear jar to a better container—ideally, an airless vacuum pump jar. The form of vitamin C it contains is ascorbic acid which is very sensitive to air and light exposure. Lots of ingredients in this cream are also air and light sensitive, but especially that one. It’s kind of a hassle to move the product to a different container as fast as possible (to minimize air exposure), in as dark or dimly lit a room as possible (to minimize light exposure), but it’s worthwhile to reduce degradation of some of this cream’s star ingredients. 

I’m going to complain about YTTP’s packaging until they change it, because it’s ridiculously bad for their products. Why would you put any product containing vitamin C in a clear jar? C’mon man. 

Re: Volition Celery And YTTP Kale

Thank you for sharing your insight, @WinglessOne.


Lots to consider here, starting with the YTTP jar. I have an empty La La pump jar; I hadn’t considered the issue about the vitamin C. I just...use it😂 though it is in a dark medicine cabinet. Hmmm. I need to sit on this one some more, takes me about 4-5 months to get through a jar, and it sounds like it might be losing efficacy in those months.


I wonder about the scent on the Volition, if the lavender influenced it. I’ve tried products where it doesn’t (at all) and others that do bring some slight irritation due to it. I highly doubt I’m going to find another love like the YTTP, and I’m totally ok with that. I guess I will need to test it out to see how my skin works with it. I will tag you when I do, @WinglessOne.



Re: Volition Celery And YTTP Kale

@eshoe  YTTP Superfood is the reason I bought airless pump jars in the first place. 😂 Once my skin approved it (weeks of great results and no bad reactions) and I knew it’d be my daily moisturizer, I decided to protect the ingredients since YTTP chose not to. Various ingredients (in any brand’s products) are air and/or light sensitive; looking them up is a worthwhile effort, especially if you shop for pricey jarred products. Volition’s celery cream also shouldn’t be in a traditional jar. If I bought that, I’d move it to an airless pump jar. 


I care less about introducing bacteria or other products’ ingredients via fingers to jarred products, but that’s also a valid concern. Using a spatula solves that issue but likely increases the time the jar’s open during each use, creating more air and light exposure. 


And really, any skincare products containing vitamin C shouldn’t be in clear packaging, or in containers that allow air exposure. I love YTTP but they kill me with their packaging. Their vitamin C serum’s in a clear glass bottle! 😡 That product is a total waste unless you move it to a better container. 

Re: Volition Celery And YTTP Kale

Well now I suppose I will need to migrate my YTTP @WinglessOne. I use the little spatula but hadn’t considered the vitamin C. Which...really curious now why the serum isn’t in a dark or opaque bottle. So now you’ve got me thinking about way more than what I came here for😂 

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