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Very Sensitive Skin Help!

I need some advice on skin care, I have very sensitive combination skin, it is a bit more dry now because of winter, I have tried so many skin care brands (clinique, lancome, bare escentuals, olay, neutrogena, korres, caudalie, dermalogica) nothing works for me. I recently stopped using Lancome's Genefique line as the creams were burning my skin. I tried Cetaphil after so many recommendations I got the Gentle Cleanser and the SPF 15 Moisturizer, the first night the cleanser felt great but did not remove my foundation whatsoever, that is disappointing because I really need something to get my foundation off that wont burn, other things that remove the makeup thoroughly burn, Cetaphil doesnt burn but doesnt remove the makeup, the first night it felt nice at least but the next night and morning it felt like it wasnt soothing enough and didnt feel nice, the moisturizer isnot moisturizing at all, there were so many Cetaphil lotions at the store it was hard to tell which ones could be used on the face and which were body lotions so I got the one that said facial moisturizer with spf 15 and its not that moisturizing at all, it reminds me of sunscreen, and I got a bit too close to my lip and my lip started to burn! Idk what to do I am panicking because I heard Cetaphil was the most gentle stuff in the world and it isnt working. I just want a cleanser and moisturizer that are soothing and moisturizing and extremely gentle, that will not cause breakout or redness and an eye cream that is also soothing and gentle and will not burn the eye area. Any recommendations would be appreciated. I was thinking about trying Ole Henriksen, Aveeno, CeraVe, or Eucerin next but Idk which if any of them are the best or would work, does anyone else have a big problem with skin burning or turning red from almost anything?


I have eczema and very sensitive, dry flakey skin.  I pre...

I have eczema and very sensitive, dry flakey skin.  I pretty much am doing process of elimination with facial products, food, bath washes, etc.  Try to not change everything out at once that throws your skin through a whirlwind.  Natural isn't always better, it can mean more potent ingredients or natural fragrances can irritate you.


I've found Paula's Choice's line to help me-frangrance, dye free.  You can order samples which is good to experiment.  So far it has gotten my skin back to almost normal and the flakiness has significantly gone away.  Check it out.  Good luck and be patient.  I know it's hard.

i've been through what you're currently going through and...

i've been through what you're currently going through and believe me it wasn't fun! tried pratically everything out there, thought for sure the high brands would work out, but they didn't. for sensitive skin like ourselves LESS IS MORE. look for minimal ingrediants, and since you have oily/combination like me, avoid products that contain oils or alcohol which will dry your skin.Try aveeno foaming cleanser which is good for combination sensitive, it has fragrance but it's at the last ingredient so you shouldn't have to worry. (it's the makeup remover one for sensitive skin.) or you can always try klorane face and eyes, take makeup off easily and is gentle, won't make you break out either.


Forget LANCOME,  or any high brand that's loaded with fragrance. cetaphil didnt work for me either it was too heavy, thats more for dry skin.

Kinerase is a great brand that is sold in a lot of dermat...

Kinerase is a great brand that is sold in a lot of dermatologists offices and they have some great, gentle products.

Kinerase "Lotion" is a great moisturizer that is hypoallergenic, non-comedogenic, fragrance-free and it's designed for normal-to-oily skin (and it's non-irritating for even the most sensitive skin).  You can find it at:

Kinerase also has a cleanser called Gentle Daily Cleanser which is hypoallergenic, non-comedogenic, fragrance-free and works well as an eye-makeup remover and suits all skin types, including highly sensitive and post-procedural skin.  You can find it at:

I hope this helps you. Smiley Happy

Oh and also I heard Purity by Philosophy and also the Bos...

Oh and also I heard Purity by Philosophy and also the Boscia cleanser is good and its completely natural. The the First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair cream looks very good. All these products say they are very gentle so I am definitely going to check them out. They are all one the Sephora site so tell me what you think of everything I mentioned if you get them or look at them!

I do!!! But its also with foundation because I have to we...

I do!!! But its also with foundation because I have to wear it in dance and it makes my skin so bad that its embarrassing to go out and to school! It turns bright red and super dry and hurts really bad. I'm currintley using Cliniques Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion but I want to try hope in a jar. Cetaphil makes my skin bad but I may have been using the one for your body.

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