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Trying new skincare products

I am buying a new cleanser and my first ever exfoliator. And I was just wondering how long do you give new skincare products a shot, before you realize it is not helping your skin>

Re: Trying new skincare products

Sometimes there might be purging (bringing bad stuff under the skin to the surface so it look worse, then out so finally the skin's clear), but if it lasted more than 1-2 weeks, you are definitely having a bad reaction and should stop using. But, if it stings, gives you dry/flaky/scaly skin or makes you super oily, stop using it now.


As for improvements, especially things like brightening or fine lines, what laurabt said.

Also, since this is your first exfoliator, try using it once a week, and if you think your skin can handle it, twice a week. Too much exfoliation can cause skin sensitivity or dry/flaky skin.

Re: Trying new skincare products

Hi Melisa16, you should always use a product continuously for about 8 weeks before you will be able to see improvement in your skin.  Of course, if you have a bad reaction to a product, you should discontinue using it right away.  Smiley Happy -Laura

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