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Truth Serum vs. Turbo Booster powder

Does anyone have thoughts on what vitamin C product to use? I'm debating between Ole's truth serum and Philosophy's Turbo Booster powder.

Re: Truth Serum vs. Turbo Booster powder


Re: Truth Serum vs. Turbo Booster powder

Though I haven't used the Camu Camu serum that Diana mentioned, I have used both the Ole Truth serum and Philosophy's Turbo C Powder.


The Turbo C powder is a great supplementary product in a skin care routine, as you can't really apply it dry, it's best mixed in with a serum or treatment step as those absorb quicker into the skin compared to mixing it with a cream or lotion. The Turbo C powder is nice because it's a stabilized form of vitamin C, so it won't break down as fast when exposed to oxygen and the dark glass bottle helps as well. It's a great starter product if you've never used vitamin C before.


From my first use of Ole's Truth serum I was hooked, it's been a repurchase for me and every time I can cash in in point perks with it or grab samples, I can and will! I like that it's already in a serum form (no mixing or having to buy a separate serum to pair it with like the powder) and it also has additional ingredients that nourish and benefit skin, like sodium hyaluronate, which binds healthy moisture to skin so it's perfect to amp and soften fine lines, help out with dry areas, or even add moisture to skin that gets oily without adding weight or greasiness. It's helped brighten a couple of post acne marks on my cheeks and the formula is nice and thin for my skin, I've never had issues with it being thick or sticky.


Both products get my thumbs up and approval, again, if you're needing something basic and to start with, go for the powder, but if you want to amp your skin care routine a bit more, go for Ole. I believe there's a mini $22 kit with a small serum and lotion you can give a try before buying a full sized bottle!

Re: Truth Serum vs. Turbo Booster powder



I actually just liked the texture and smell a bit more- very liquid/fluid and smelled like oranges! Plus I felt it was less sticky than the Ole Henriksen and easier to use and dispense than the powder from philosophy. What also helps is to use a good face exfoliator too! You will remove dead skin cells so the serums will go right on healthy cells and have a stronger effect. Smiley Happy

Luv&Lipgloss, Diana

Re: Truth Serum vs. Turbo Booster powder

Hi bowlofmushypeas,


I think both are great vitamin C boosters to use- Ole Henriksen is a slightly more natural based product and in a serum that works great under moisturizers both AM and PM.


The Philosophy one can be mixed in WITH a moisturizer so it may be a slightly extra step but its just as effective!


I personally love the Peter Thomas Roth Camu Camu Brightening Serum


Camu Camu Power C x 30™ Vitamin C Brightening Serum

Luv&Lipgloss, Diana

Re: Truth Serum vs. Turbo Booster powder

Thanks! That's so helpful! What was it about PTR's serum that you liked more than Philosophy and Ole?



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