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Tried NEW Clarisonic Heads "high performance"??

Has anyone tried the new Clarisonic 'high performance' brush heads (they are silver plastic and white bristles)?


Wondering if they are worth it to try, the difference in price doesn't really bother me if they are interesting or nice to use.  I currently use Sensitive heads.  I am also curious what people think of the smaller, "contour" head - sometimes I wish I could get sides of my nose, etc. better and wish the brush head was smaller.  But I also don't want to feel like I'm cleaning a pumpkin with a tooth brush Smiley Wink, if you get what I mean (hard to get whole face with small brush?).


They are called the "Cashmere," "Satin Contour (smaller)" and "Velvet Foam (Body for plus only?)."  I see they are available at Macy's but not much elsewhere yet.


Here is a sample description, this is for the Cashmere, but the other two have basically the same description.


"Uncompromising power delivered in pure luxury. The long tapered bristles on this high performance brush head offer an efficacious, luxury experience. The combination of oscillation with extreme fluid forces yields powerful cleansing results while increasing the skin's natural hydration levels. Ideal for aging and sensitive skin this brush head's high foaming action turns any foaming cleanser into an unforgettable experience. Still cleanses 6x better than hands alone but also improves hydration for drier skin! Uniquely designed with ultra-soft bristles, this replacement brush head effectively cleanses skin with extreme fluid action. The Cashmere Cleanse Facial Brush Head will gently but powerfully cleanse even the driest and most mature skin types, leaving skin feeling smooth, supple and younger looking."



Re: Tried NEW Clarisonic Heads "high performance"??

Interesting feedback, thanks bluenun!


So I  broke down and ordered one of these new brush heads from Macy's because I had a coupon (and I had to have a minimum order for free shipping).


I got the Cashmere one -- the brushes are MUCH longer and much softer than our usual brush heads.  It felt very nice on my skin, very gentle and luxe.  Because the bristles are long and fluffy, they don't do as much 'scrubbing' and I don't notice as good of results, though.


I agree with Bluenun's comments that they are good for ultra sensitive or very dry/aging/thinning skin.


I have sensitive skin but found this brush head TOO SOFT for me overall.  I would use it on an ultra-sensitive day, or if I was having irritation.  Otherwise, the sensitive brush head is good for me a compromise between gentle and still effective.


I would love to use this Cashmere brush head for just my eye area, but changing the head out every time I'm in the middle of washing my face is too high maintenance for me!!!

Re: Tried NEW Clarisonic Heads "high performance"??

I tested these for the first time recently and they feels soooo nice. The Clarisonic rep told me that the longer the bristles, the more gentle on the clean, so the Cashmere brush is especially made for people on skincare routines like Obaji or Retinol (0.5% & 1%), thinning skin, mature skin and/or dry skin. 



Also, DesertRose0706 is so right about detaching the outer part of your existing brush, but the brushes we use now are not meant to go over our eye area. The new Satin Contour is super gentle and made to go on eyelids and right under the eyes without pulling too much at the skin. 


Something else I learned from the Clarisonic rep was the their "normal" brush is made more for men with having larger hair follicles on their face. It's not a graduation from the "sensitive" brush head. I've found it to cause me irritation and this makes sense! 

Re: Tried NEW Clarisonic Heads "high performance"??

I would love to know how they feel different when cleansing!

Re: Tried NEW Clarisonic Heads "high performance"??

I saw the Velvet Foam on the Nordies site. Might have to try that one Smiley Tongue

Re: Tried NEW Clarisonic Heads "high performance"??

*sigh....wrong browser, cannot comment below.

Thanks for the info and I will love to know your thoughts on it. My skin has been more sensitive than it was, if possible! May be this would be a better brush head Smiley Happy

Re: Tried NEW Clarisonic Heads "high performance"??

Unless the bristles are really different (softer, longer, etc) or one would may be find the smaller size of the Satin Contour of interest, I'm unsure.

Obviously, they do appear slightly different when compared to the brush heads we already know! However, after looking through benefits for different brush heads (say sensitive, normal, cashmere, etc). I am not seeing where there is any difference as far as the overall "benefit" specs at the Clarisonic website under each brush head.



Hope that makes sense.

Re: Tried NEW Clarisonic Heads "high performance"??

P.S. I did see these in-store at Nordstrom, and they WERE softer and longer and more "plush" than the regular brush heads.


I like that it says things foam up.  We'll see, I ordered one (broke down, had to know)!

Re: Tried NEW Clarisonic Heads "high performance"??

I agree - hard to tell what the real difference is! Smiley Very Happy


This seems to be the highlight "with extreme fluid forces yields powerful cleansing results while increasing the skin's natural hydration levels".  Whatever that means Smiley Very Happy.


I think curiosity will get the best of me and I will try the Cashmere one!

I was hoping if someone else had actually tried them, they might have noticed a difference [or not ] -- but so far, I can't find anyone (here, in store at Seph, at Nordstroms Beauty, etc. etc.) that has used them.  

Re: Tried NEW Clarisonic Heads "high performance"??

In regards to the smaller Clarisonic brush head, instead of buying one, you can actually create a smaller brush head using a standard brushhead.  if you look at one of your brush heads, you will see that the center piece rotates and can be detached from the stationary, outer part (you can just pop it out, its easy and it wont break it).  you can then place the center piece on your clarisonic and voila!  smaller brush head, perfect for getting the sides of your nose! you can always put the center piece back in, when you want to use the normal size!

Re: Tried NEW Clarisonic Heads "high performance"??

You know, I was looking at my brush head and wondering about this!  Thank you!! Smiley Very Happy


I'm totally a product junkie, and I'm still hoping someone has tried the new heads and can tell me what they think hehe --  but in the meantime, I am going to try this.

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