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Top eyelid question

It's beginning to dawn on me that perhaps I've been mistakenly using eye cream on my bottom AND top lid. Does no one else do this? If not, what do you put on your top lid?

Re: Top eyelid question

for me I use clinique's dramatically different moisturizing lotion on my top and bottom lid and my brow bone and there is no irritation on my eyes Smiley Happy

Re: Top eyelid question

I put an eye serum on the bottom and crease/brow-bone first, wait few minutes and apply the eye cream on the bottom ONLY. I don't put anything on my lid, I don't think you should.

Re: Top eyelid question

sometimes i will use my anti aging moisturizer on my upper lids

Re: Top eyelid question

I use my eye cream on the top and bottom lid both. It's fine and also you won't have crepy  eyelids as you age. Hope this helps!

Re: Top eyelid question

It's ok to put eye cream on your top/bottom eyelid. However! You have to be careful of ingredients. Almost all eye cream says they are for the bottom because the eyelid is thinner and more fragile. Some of the anti-aging ingredients like retinol or acid, brightening/luminizing particles, and some ingredients for shrinking puffy eyes can potentially irritate your eye lid. 


I get dry flaky skin right above my upper lashline so I do apply my eye cream there. Some products burns/irritate and some don't. The ones that I can safely apply everywhere are Origins Eye Doctor, Origins Plantscription, Boscia Amino Enlivening, Dior hydralife, and AmorePacific....moisture....something.

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