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Toner /product for clear skin

Looking for a toner or product to help clear up my face. I Wear heavy performance makeup for work 3+ days a week. The last few months my skin has become somewhat sensitive, getting break outs and clogged poors. I’m really good at washing my face and my morning/night skin care routine. I’m almost 40 and have, for the most part always had normal and clear skin. Any recommendations on products to clear my skin up? Thanks!

RE: Toner /product for clear skin

Anything with witch hazel and rose petals help tremendously I recommend the fresh Toner it is a bit expensive but so worth it !!!! Really gets pore sizes down and helps with blemishes

Re: Toner /product for clear skin

Re: Toner /product for clear skin

What products are you currently using, @theTravMan?

RE: Re: Toner /product for clear skin

Oh yes! I use a 30SPF most days and I find argan oil is very moisturizing. Open to recommendations

Re: RE: Re: Toner /product for clear skin

In that case, I'd look for a serum with salicylic acid to start. It's great for cleaning out pores and helping with acne. There are a ton of brand options- CosRx, The Ordinary, Sunday Riley, Caudalie, etc. So whatever may fit your budget and your skin, you may want to try getting some samples from in store. I'd still recommend getting a moisturizer besides the argan oil though, bc most chemical exfoliators (like salicylic acid) tend to be drying. 

RE: Re: Toner /product for clear skin

I use a drunk elephant face wash, Thayer’s witch hazel, argan oil. To remove my heavy heavy theater make up I use a vitamin E oil, the drunk elephant cleansing balm, and then face wash. Those are my basics and with all the samples I get from SEPHORA I will use whatever sample of eye cream or serum/moisturizer. I really just want something that’s going to clean deep into my skin as the breakouts seem to be below the surface layers.

Re: RE: Re: Toner /product for clear skin

What's your skin type, @theTravMan? It sounds like you've got a good cleaning routine down, but before you start using an exfoliating product to help with the acne, you'll really want a regular moisturizer and standalone sunscreen so you don't dry out or damage your skin. 

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