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To anyone who self tans...

I started self tanning because shorts weather is quickly approaching but I am unsure about how to match my face to the body. I am weary of putting self tanner on my face because I hear it can lead to breakouts and plus I feel like it would rinse off quickly since I use exfoliating toner. Should I buy a self tanner made for the face or buy a darker shade of foundation to match the body?

Re: To anyone who self tans...

I use the vita liberata 2-3 week mousse and I use it on my face after applying with a mitt to my body. When I have finished tanning the rest of my body, and think that there is nothing left in the mitt, I squeeze it slightly which allows for a little bit more product for the face - Just the right amount. 


I also use an exfoliating toner. Nars Multi-Action Hydrating toner is my favorite! But I have used both products for months and notice they work well together.



Re: To anyone who self tans...

Hi melisa16,

My favorite self tanner to use on my face are the Dr. Dennis Gross Alpha Beta Glow Pads. They have never caused my sensitive skin to break out and they give a very natural looking color. I like these pads have a built in exfoliator. They are extremely easy to use! I like to cut the pads in half and save the second half in a ziploc bag. I find that using an entire pad delivers a little too much color for me, so I save the other half and use it 2 to 3 days later to maintain my color. Smiley Happy




Re: To anyone who self tans...

I find the stuff for body does not get along well with my face. 

Usually, I'll use the DDG glow pad

The first few times I use it, it's a bit tricky for me. I'm pale, and I don't want to over tan. So I wipe it on my face, then do a swipe on my under arm. I keep an eye on my arm until I reach the desired shade I want. Then I wash my face to stop the tanning process. I do this 3x the first week I use them. Then after that I can use one wipe a week over night as intended. 

I've been wanting to try his glow moisturizer, I know it's not a self tanner, but under the right makeup it might make it match more with the body. 

I usually wear hats & large sunglasses when I'm out in the sun, so my face always stays a bit paler. Bronzer and the glow pads are my best friend during the summer months when my body has a natural tan. 


Re: To anyone who self tans...

I don't use self tanner on my face... just on my body. I'll typically either go a bit darker and/or bronze myself to match until I get a natural tan.

Re: To anyone who self tans...

When I self tan (I use the St Tropez) I only self tan my body up to my neck. So I will just get a foundation that matches my self tan and apply it to make my face even. I never tan my face because I have extremely sensitive/acne prone skin. So I would recommend just tanning your body then using a darker foundation to match.

Re: To anyone who self tans...

I don't put any self-tanner on my face, but my skin is very sensitive, oily, and acne-prone. I use darker foundation and bronzer to help blend my face and neck together.

Re: To anyone who self tans...

I've used St. Tropez mousse on my face without an issue. I like TanTowels, too, and they are much easier to use.

Re: To anyone who self tans...

I'd stick to products formulated for the face, personally.


Just a quick thought- it's always easier to add bronzer to your face than it is to even out self-tanner.

Re: To anyone who self tans...

Hi melisa16,


The KS Facial Tanning Wipes are a great suggestion!  Its always a good idea to make sure products are specifically for your face Smiley Wink  I've actually used the St Tropez tanner on my face & thankfully didnt have any issues with it breaking me out Smiley Happy  Unless you are going more than a few shades darker, I'd say you are safe with the foundation shade you're currently using & going with a bronzer.  For that reason alone (winter/summer shade), I have 2 foundations all year long & use a combo of the 2, depending on how warm or cool I need to be Smiley Happy  Kinda silly, but it works well for me!


xo, Mia

Re: To anyone who self tans...

Kate Somerville makes tanning wipes for the face that are easy to apply and use. The saturated pad is enough for face, neck, and decollete area and gives a really nice, natural color without looking too overdone. You can also warm up your complexion with the use of a bronzer (use a matte one without orange/red tones for a more natural look to work with self-tanners, satin or shimmery bronzers may cause skin to look too shiny if used too much).


Kate Somerville - Somerville 360° Face Self Tanning Pads

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