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To Clarisonic or not Clarisonic, That is my question!

Lately I have been feeling like my skin doesn't look as great as it used to. I'm switching up my skin care routine, and I was considering purchasing a Clarisonic Mia or Mia2. I have read all about what they do, and I have watched plenty reviews about them (mostly good, a couple bad). I'm just afraid of dishing out that much money and not liking it! So I thought I would bring it  to the beauty experts and see what everyone else thinks of theirs.


Which one do you prefer the mia, mia2, or the plus? How long have you been using yours? What are your favorite products to use with it? And the big question, In your opinion do you think it's worth the money?


I will be saving up for this (so I don't feel as bad spending a bunch of money on one beauty product. Ha.)! I would love to hear what everyone has to say, and a big thank you in advance! ( :

Re: To Clarisonic or not Clarisonic, That is my question!

I got the Mia2 a couple of months ago and I love it.  So much so that I have to remove it from the shower on my in between days so that I don't use it too much.  I got the Mia2 because of the two speeds.  I have sensitive skin and wanted that option.


I use it every other day, sometimes two days in between, and my skin feels great.  I find that if I use it more often it leaves my skin red.  I use it with Philosophy Purity Made Simple.


First thing I noticed was how smooth my skin felt and also how much nicer products applied to my skin. 


I agree that you shouldn't expect miracles, but I do feel the product is worth it, just think, the sooner you purchase it, the more time you will have with it.  I waited about a year to buy mine just to make sure it was something I really wanted.  A couple of friends have picked them up with their 15% off.

Re: To Clarisonic or not Clarisonic, That is my question!

Thats exactly what I was thinking! If a save money for it, I won't feel bad about spending so much on one thing... BUT! If I buy it now I get to have it for longer and get 15% off. Ha.

Re: To Clarisonic or not Clarisonic, That is my question!

The 15% off really makes it even more tempting.


Think about it this way, will you be regretting it in 3 months if you don't purchase it now (especially with the 15% off). When I was considering it I almost bought it and then three months later I regretted not getting it, but at that time I didn't have the money to get it, so I had to wait, which made me regret it even more.

Re: To Clarisonic or not Clarisonic, That is my question!

I've had the Mia for almost a year now.  I use it once a week for a deep clean and  it makes my skin feel super soft after.  I usually use it with the Clarisonic face wash for sensitive skin or just Clearasil.  I even got my boyfriend one for his christmas gift and he loves it.


Re: To Clarisonic or not Clarisonic, That is my question!

Do you like the one setting? I can't decide If I would be okay with just one setting, or if I should get the mia2 for another setting.

Re: To Clarisonic or not Clarisonic, That is my question!

I've had my Clarisonic Plus for  two years now and I love it. My skin just looked so much better...less oily, smooth and my pores are not as noticeable...I guess because it cleans better than regular facewashing so it helps skincare penetrate better. I use it everyday with acne brush head and every two weeks with deep pore brush. I dont have acne but the bristles are very gentle and soft yet it cleans very well...I prefer it better than sensitive brush. I like the fact that the plus has different settings...sometimes when my skin is more sensitive, I change the settings to the lowest. When I feel like my skin needs deep cleaning, I change it to higher setting.

I think you should consider MIA 2. It is a good compromise between mia and plus. When I bought my plus, mia 2 is not available yet. I would have liked that better since I rarely use the body brush anyways.

Re: To Clarisonic or not Clarisonic, That is my question!

I've had the mia since august.. it is the best purchase I have ever made. Yes, it is expensive.. but I can't even tell you how much it is worth the price. I have dry skin and it takes away all of my flakes. My best friend bought it as well and she has oily skin and loves it. I use the sensitive brush head but I'm ready to step it up to the normal brush head. I use it once a day, they say you can use it 2x but thats just too much for my dry skin. At first I tried it with the dermalogica special cleansing gel (I think)? HATE it. My dry skin just got even more dry.. And I couldn't figure out why for months. (stupid me). The girl at ulta was a quack for recommending that to me. It would be great if you have very oily skin, but seriously it dried me out so bad... it like kills me to even.. ugh. SO... I gave that to my friend and she loves it with her clarisonic. Now, I use the philosophy purity made simple and that has been working so much better for me. It really is worth the money. I know it's an investment, but it's a good one.


Just so you know.. Your skin WILL go through a purge when you first start. My acne was worse than it has ever been, but just stick with it. It will get better. Now I can't imagine not having it in my skincare routine. Try and buy it during chic week if you can afford it now!!

Re: To Clarisonic or not Clarisonic, That is my question!

The other reviews that I have read and watched talked about the purge stage. That doesn't sound very exciting, but I would stick with it just hoping it would get better!

Re: To Clarisonic or not Clarisonic, That is my question!

It lasts about two weeks.. It's just because your exfoliating off the top layer of your skin. But honestly, the two maybe three weeks of the purge is so worth the end results. My skin is so much softer now and my pores are cleaned out and its just good. I honestly have no complaints about my clarisonic. I know aviscardi talked about only having a one year warranty, but it's only been a year for me and I use it everyday and it still is like brand new.. I cannot imagine mine breaking anytime soon. I just have to charge it like every other week. If you aren't careless and drop it or something then it should be fine. I just keep mine in the shower. If you're someone who travels a lot and it could break in your luggage or something then that would be a different story but I think the 1 yr is fine. I mean honestly, I spent like 120 on mine i believe? And if it lasts me until august (1 yr) then I basically spent 10 dollars a month... that is worth it to me. So if it breaks. I mean.. idc. lol. I do care, but i got my moneys worth imo.

Re: To Clarisonic or not Clarisonic, That is my question!

If there is one product in my entire beauty collection that I'm sure I screwed up on by purchasing it was my clarisonic. I had wanted a clarisonic for many years. I finally purchased one a little over a year ago as a graduation splurge present to myself. The clarisonic did not make me breakout. The clarisonic did not wreck or ruin my skin. That's about the most positive thing I can say about it. What I mean to say is; there was no difference in my skin at all vs. manual cleansing. I don't doubt my skin was clean, but did I need it $175 (that was the sale price for my Plus) clean? Apparently I didn't, because my skin was the same using it as not using it.


Much like yourself I listened to all of the rave reviews on youtube. All of the "Oh girl I was missing out" and "I can't believe I waited so long for one." I waited past the initial first few months, in fact I tried it for so long that I was long past the point of returning it but I thought "No, no come on any day now something amazing is going to happen." I'll take responsibility and say it's my own fault that I ever thought the clarisonic was going to do anything for my skin except clean it, you know..that same thing my cleansing oil does.


I tried different cleansers everything from the popular cerave or purity and in between. I tried different speeds, I tried different brush heads. I just couldn't see any difference in my skin. Maybe it was 65x (or whatever they claim) cleaner than manual, that might have been true but I can tell you much to my ire that 65x cleaner translated to 0 changes on my face.


So my advice to you would be if you're going to buy it then be realistic with yourself and if you don't love it within 2 months, it's probably not going to happen and you should return it while you still can.

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