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Tips on looking more awake and refreshed

Any quick tips to make me look more awake? I am getting no sleep whatsoever tonight considering it is already 4;00 am. And I really do not want to look like a zombie. I already have Rhoto eye drops to get rid of the redness, but I just wanted to see if you guys had any extra tips or tricks.

Put cold spoons in the freezer.  Leave them in there for...

Put cold spoons in the freezer.  Leave them in there for a while (at-least 10-minutes).  I always have 2 spoons just sitting in my freezer so I don't have to wait...I guess that means I'm chronically fighting lack of sleep lol!  Then put the cold spoons under for your eyes.  I usually keep them there for at-least 1-2 minutes.  I feel that this makes my eyes look more awake!

Oh, I totally 100% understand you. I get an average of 3-4 hours of sleep per night and I think I've mastered the art of looking more awake and refreshed. Here's what I do:


1. Make sure your skin is clean before you do go to sleep. Moisturize it extra well before you hit the sack.

2. When you wake up and you're washing your face, splash a good amount of cold water on, especially on your eyes. This will help de-puff them a little. You can also try refrigerating clean metal spoons and placing them on your eyes for 10-15 minutes.

3. Moisturize after morning cleansing. This will help dehydration and tiredness in your skin. At the same time while applying it...

4. ...I give my face a little bit of a firm massage with my hands. I find this really gets my blood circulation going, which makes me look less grey and tired. It's also good to GENTLY massage around your eye area. This helps drain any lymph fluid that will make your eyes look puffy.

5. For makeup, make sure to use LESS base than you usually do. Trust me, even though you're tempted to apply more, it's so much better to go for something less heavy (like tinted moisturizer instead of full foundation). Just do the bare minimum you can get away with. When you're tired, heavy foundations just don't sit right on the skin. They somehow make you look WORSE. Go light!

6. Dot on a good undereye concealer, you'll probably need it!

7. CREAM BLUSH. Cannot stress this enough. Cream blush is magic on my tired days. It looks natural, gives your skin dewiness, and just makes you look healthy and flushed and well-rested.

8. A little bit of shimmery highlight in the inner corner of your eyes, on your brow bone, and on your cheekbones gives your skin back some luminosity that it probably lost from being so tired.

9. Curl your lashes and apply tons of mascara. Think wide, open eyes. A bit of liner along your upper lashes is also good (but skip liner along your lower lashes).

10. A lipstick or lipgloss that's just a bit juicier than your normal lip color is perfect. Nothing too shiny, and definitely nothing totally matte either. Stick with something with a soft sheen.


Hope that helps!!

Try using benefit's erase paste under the eye area to con...

Try using benefit's erase paste under the eye area to conceal dark circles and brighten. For a more "wide-awake" look, dot benefit's eye bright pencil around the inner corners of your eyes.

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