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Tips for using facial oil

Hi, everyone! A friend mentioned that she doesn't use facial oils because she has to tug on the skin to apply it evenly. Or, she uses too much and ends up greasy. To anyone else having this problem, I have some tips to share:


1) Only use 1-3 drops of facial oil. They're very rich, and well, oily, so you don't need to use nearly as much as you would a cream or gel moisturizer.

2) Put the drops of oil on your hands and rub them together. Then, gently press the oil into your face. This usually works for lighter oils.

3) Apply the oil while your face is still damp.

4) Apply the oil with damp fingers. Put more water on your fingers if it still tugs.

5) Mix the oil into your regular moisturizer or toner and apply normally. Just make sure your moisturizer or toner doesn't change consistency or "pill up," which means it isn't compatible with the oil.

6) Massage the oil into your skin. I've found using circular motions tugs less on the skin.

7) Put the oil in a spritzing/diffusing bottle and spritz it on your face. Or, spritz it on a cotton pad and rub the pad over your face. This usually only works for lighter oils, because you have to dilute heavier oils to spritz them.


Personally, I've used sunflower oil, castor oil, Josie Maran's argan oil, and argan infinity cream, so those tips have really helped for me. Anyone else have any useful tips to share?



Re: Tips for using facial oil

Great tips! They are pretty great in moisturizers but I don't think you can mix oil with toners? especially since toner is mostly water and water/oil don't mix.


If Argan oil is too thick you can also go for a thinner oil. I tried half dozen and reviewed them here:

Re: Tips for using facial oil

You're right, water and oil don't mix, but by adding water to the oil, it creates a suspension. The oil can be spread around more easily through the water medium, but it doesn't lose its oily properties. Which is why I recommend applying the oil on a damp face or with damp fingers. You just have to wait for the water to dry a bit and oil to sink in. Sometimes I mix the JM argan infinity cream with the Shiseido Eudermine essence (it's like a rich toner), and it works just fine! 


Also, I love your extensive facial oil reviews btw. I just wish I had enough money to buy them all Smiley Tongue

Re: Tips for using facial oil

Great post 

Re: Tips for using facial oil

Awesome tips! I do the same steps with PTR oilless oil. Except for one thing... applying to face when damp. I usually use a serum first, and it's best to apply the serum to dry skin... so I wait until my serum sinks in (a few minutes) then pat it on. Or I mix it with a moisturizer. 

I tried argan oil, but I had a reaction to it. Smiley Sad I do use it on my hair, but always end up with more milia if I forget to wipe my face or wash my hands after applying it. 

I do love the PTR though! It's 100% pure squalane from sugar (not sharks), and I really only need 1 drop for my whole face. 

Re: Tips for using facial oil

Aw, thanks! I had a reaction to argan oil, too! It's kind of weird because the skin on the rest of my body looooves it, but my face is pickier. The pure squalane sounds interesting. I was thinking of buying pure glycerin as a basic moisturizer and mixing medium for powder eyeshadow and makeup. Is the PTR similar?

Re: Tips for using facial oil

When I use the oils, I mix a few drops with whatever I am putting on my face, like a moisturizer or nighttime gel/treatment. It works for me, otherwise it is just too oily...

Re: Tips for using facial oil

are oils good to use when you have normal to skin besides a slightly oily T-zone or is this product geared more toward people with dry skin/dry spots?

Re: Tips for using facial oil

Facial oils are good for all skin types, and can even help to regulate oil production in combo/oily skin types.  Oils help keep the balance so your skin is over-producing oil to try and hydrate itself.

Re: Tips for using facial oil

Thanks for the tips!  I've starting using oils, maracuja and argan, with some hesitation to combat my extremely dry skin.  I worry about ending up with milia, which I got recently and it took a while to get rid of. 


I put the oil on clean skin, then after a bit blot off excess and add my moisturizer over it.  My skin is much better now, so not sure I need to do it all the time, looking forward to other comments on this post so I can learn a little more about using oil effectively!  Smiley Happy

Re: Tips for using facial oil

I used to have milia, too, but I've found that the consistent use of oil prevents new ones from forming and old ones to come to the surface (gross, but gets rid of them). 

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