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Tiny cluster of bumps on chin - help!

I have a small cluster of tiny reddish bumps on my chin.  They are probably caused by the fact I rest my chin on my hands when I'm deep in though - which is pretty often at work.  I know the first thing is to stop doing that, but how do I get rid of what's there?

Re: Tiny cluster of bumps on chin - help!

I also have this problem. I would first try my best to not touch my face. Also i would use a cleanser often and exfoliate more frequently. Goodluck Smiley Happy

Re: Tiny cluster of bumps on chin - help!

If this happens a lot I would suggest you see a Dermatologist.  I know the thought of seeing a Derm  probably makes you cringe. Sometimes if we can't solve skin problems and over medicate ourselves, the out come is worst than what we started with!

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