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Post in Skincare Aware

Thinking of returning my Clarisonic... Thoughts?

Is the Clarisonic terrible? No. Absolutely not. In fact, I do enjoy using it. Did it make me break out? No. Did it take away the dry skin that I wanted gone? Yes. (However, so did my light exfoliator scrub before that.) Did it make me feel smooth? Yes! Is it fun? Absolutely.




A week ago I had to exchange my Clarisonic due to the body brush stopping mid cycle, wether it was low in charge or charged. The girls at Sephora were great, got it exchanged, no problems! (I truly love Sephore, all the super nice and helpful workers, and the customer service!! :] )

Yet, it's still doing it. I charged it for 24 hours before using it first. I don't drop it. I keep it clean. But the body brush just doesn't seem to like me.

Now I know, easy fix, just charge it all the time. Fine. Doesn't seem hard... but for $200? Yeah, no.


The biggest reason I think I am going to return is because I noticed fine red lines that upon searching are called Capilliers? I've NEVER had these pop up, and now from reading I understand only lasor surgery can treat them? What?

I didn't press down with the Clarisonic, barely feeling a tickle.


I'm really at a hard place, because I want to love it, but I am afraid to cause permanent damage. I have very sensitive skin, this also being proven by the array of cleaning  products that I have bought and returned.


Anyone else have any of the same or comparable experiences with the Clarisonic?

Re: Thinking of returning my Clarisonic... Thoughts?

Depending on the degree of pressure applied, the damage of broken capillaries can be repaired naturally by your body, especially since it's a newer form of stress applied as opposed to a long term, repeated damage over a longer stretch of time.


Vitamin K is used for the treatment of broken capillaries and will help repair the areas if you're looking for a topical product to help aid the repair process. Vitamin K is used in treatments for bruising to dark circles.


The body brush may be too rough on your skin, especially if you're not applying pressure, you might just have to stick with a manual use of a loofah if the body brush head attachment is too intense.


I do hope it's the Clarisonic Plus model that you're using with the body brush head as the regular Clarisonics aren't built to fit the body brush. I also hope that you're not using the body brush on your face, but just your body itself as the quality of bristles are different.

Re: Thinking of returning my Clarisonic... Thoughts?

Oh no! I'm not using the body brush on my face. I'm using the sensitive face brush on my face! :] Sorry, that wasn't clear. And I really am hardly pushing at all on my face, in fact, I am holding it to my skin and just circle it (I feel almost a little tickle.)


And yes, I have the Clarisonic Plus system, the orange flower one.


The body brush is fine on my body in the shower, but it keeps turning off in the middle of the cycle!


I def. would like to find a topical to use to get rid of the little lines near my nose, since I don't want to add on to any problems!


Thanks lylysa for repsonding!

Re: Thinking of returning my Clarisonic... Thoughts?

Whew! That's a relief! I just wanted to make sure, I felt it was safer that I check and ask than just assume one way or the other on the body brush and use!


I wonder if it's just a defect of the system itself to cause it to turn off like that. Maybe it was just part of a faulty batch Smiley Sad. Does it turn off when you use it on your face? Or just your body?


I know there are tons of generic vitamin K creams on the market sold at drug stores to even health stores like GNC. Peter Thomas Roth makes an eye cream with vitamin K that can be dabbed on smaller treatment spots, but it's a bit pricey so you might want to start off with a basic cream first.

Re: Thinking of returning my Clarisonic... Thoughts?

Oh I am sure some people use the body brush on their face, bless them, I am sure that does some damage. But no, I just use my sensitive brush head very lightly.


It  may be part of a bad batch. The first one I had was the same. Worked fine for a while, but if the battery was not full then the body brush doesn't work. The face brush works just fine. I exchanged it, and now it's doing it again.


But the biggest reason I am thinking of returning is I am just so scared to cause any more issues to my skin. However, I am torn, because I do like it.


I will look for some of that vitamin k cream and see if it will fix itself! Thanks!

Re: Thinking of returning my Clarisonic... Thoughts?

How many times a day are you using it?


You can always wheen off the usage to just every other night or even every second or third night so you're not over-doing it on your skin or breaking any more capillaries.


And don't sweat the broken capillaries too much unless you see it become a severe issue. I've had it happen around my eyes if I'm not carefully and apply too much pressure when removing eye make up or even around my nose if my allergies flare up and I'm blowing my nose every minute! Smiley Tongue


Best of luck!

Re: Thinking of returning my Clarisonic... Thoughts?

Well thanks so so much for all of your insight. Maybe I will back off using it a bit, and maybe call the company and see why both of my clarisonics are acting up?! Thanks for the vitamin cream suggestion, I'm gonna go buy some! Also thanks for your  help in my other thread, you are great!!



Re: Thinking of returning my Clarisonic... Thoughts?

You're welcome, and thank you for your kind words!


I hope you find a system and a balance of products to work for you! I know it can get frustrating but once you hit the sweet spot, it's totally worth it!


Re: Thinking of returning my Clarisonic... Thoughts?

Think about it.  It's a scrubbing brush.  Way too harsh for anyone's skin!  I'm a nurse, and I can tell you scientifically that capillaries are there because you're forcing increased bloodflow with that machine.


Stay away from the scrubber unless it's for your bath tile!


Signed, A Former Clairisonic Gal

Re: Thinking of returning my Clarisonic... Thoughts?

I bought a Clarisonic Plus in March which is having the exact same problems. I brought it home to Europe as I bought it on holiday. First Clarisonic said the problem was the charger using the European power but after replacing the charger it's still faulty so they are giving me a new one now. Hopefully it works this time...

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