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The Ordinary- retinoid + acid?

Hi! I have acne prone, somewhat oily skin and I currently use The Ordinary Niacinamide 10% + Zinc 1% Oil Control Serum 1 oz/ 30 mLThe Ordinary Mandelic Acid 10% + HA 1 oz/ 30 mL

I'm considering getting The Ordinary Granactive Retinoid* 2% Emulsion 1 oz/ 30 mL

but I do have some questions- should this just be used in the PM? Will it interact negatively with the acid? Should I only use one?

Re: The Ordinary- retinoid + acid?

I have all these items shipping to me today and I cannot wait to try them out! 

Re: The Ordinary- retinoid + acid?

Hello lovely,


you're right to be cautious, good for you!  Mandelic acid is a fairy gentle exfoliant.  I would use it after you cleanse and before you treat with retinoid, in the evening.  And, as always, if you see some redness, back off to every other day.  The granactive retinoid, in my experience, is very gentle on skin.  I have only run into trouble with it when I forget that it is a retinoid and get it on my lips, which are definitely too thin for it.


As one poster correctly said, niacinamide and vitamin C work well together, and also perform extra well in the day time -- they boost your skin's natural SPF.  I don't remember you specifically mentioning vitamin C, did I miss that? But anyway I would use that combo, or just the NI, in the morning. 


Be gentle to your skin with all these actives -- cleanse gentle, and moisturize.  It can really help you get ahead of any irritation.


I love TO! so easy to get your hands on all the skincare ingredients.  I mean, can you imagine paying $100 for each bottle of serum? Have fun, beautiful.

Re: The Ordinary- retinoid + acid?

@spookled I'm using prescription retinoid with niacinamide, no side effects. I apply retinol first, after that dries then niacinamide. However,  I was using the retinol for awhile before adding the niacinamide. Ease into the TO retinol slowly, after you're tolerated then niacinamide.


Vit. C, started a vit. C that has niacinamide in it. Using after a different topical without issues. When I add the retinol back in, will be waiting awhile after applying to add vit. C.

Re: The Ordinary- retinoid + acid?

@spookled You could use it during AM or PM, as long as you remember to wear sunscreen to protect your skin and prevent the retinoid from degrading in the sun and rendering it less effective. People tend to use it in the PM.


No, it won't react negatively with acids but your skin could become irritated. You can start with the retinoid first in the beginning and remove the acids temporarily from your routine. Once your skin tolerates the retinoid and you'd still like to add the acid, you could trade-off every other day (e.g. retinoid day 1, mandelic day 2, etc.) for a bit, then maybe mandelic during AM and retinoid during PM if needed.



Re: The Ordinary- retinoid + acid?

The niacinamide is recommended to be used during the day as it helps decrease sebum production and won't oxidize if you go outside as a vitamin C would. (Also don't mix niacinamide with a vitamin C product as they'll cancel each other out)


I have the granactive retinoid which I only use at night as it's absorbed better while you sleep and increasing skin turnover makes your skin more sensitive to the sun so I would advise against ever wearing a retinoid during the day. It's also suggested not to mix retinol with any acids as they could make your skin to sensitive leading to irritation/burns/etc

Re: The Ordinary- retinoid + acid?

@EastCoast96 That's a myth. Niacinamide and vitamin C won't cancel each other out. and render themselves ineffective. As long as you wear sunscreen, it will be fine.

Re: The Ordinary- retinoid + acid?

I would be very cautious trying to combine these products.  If you decide to try, I'd do a patch test for a couple of weeks first.

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