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Tag! Summertime SPF

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Summer is my favorite time of year, by far! It's sunny and usually full of fun outdoor activities and maybe even trips to tropical destinations if we’re lucky enough!


Summer is also the season of SPF so in celebration of summer, we thought it would be fun to play a (virtual) game of tag! I’m going to start the game below and share the rules for how to play:

  1. Share your favorite summer getaway where sunscreen is a must!
  2. Tell us your favorite SPF for summertime sun protection.
  3. Tag a friend (or three!) to hear their favorites.*


Oh and if you haven’t been tagged yet but are really excited about sunscreen go ahead and share your faves below!


*Make sure you're @mentioning the person you want to tag so they get a notification!

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Re: Tag! Summertime SPF

I'm obsessed with SuperGoop's sunscreen oil, because I hate lotions -- they're unnatural, manmade, sticky substances that clog pores, but oils feel so great.  It smells fantastic and has great staying power and doesn't get weird/runnier if it gets hot in my beach bag so I can reapply it throughout the day, and the spray on bottle makes application easy (I do apply liberally so that it works, just a spritz isn't enough for any sunscreen!).  I've never gotten burned while I have it on!

RE: Tag! Summertime SPF

I am a huge fan of Kate Somerville's Uncomplikated SPF 50. It's an SPF that sets your makeup and gives you a blurring effect. It sprays on to nicely and is easy to apply over makeup. No more excuses for not applying SPF every 2-3 hours.

Favorite summer getaway is anywhere there is water!! moun...

Favorite summer getaway is anywhere there is water!! mountains, beaches i just enjoy the escape! tbh, big cities may be my favorite too. NYC anyone? My favorite sunscreens are physical broad spectrum. Drunk Elephant Umbra Tinte spf 30 is a favorite for my dry skin. It's also really easy to get on and go. I have the Kate Somerville spf50 spray in my purse. And I keep the Sun Bum line spf30 - spf70: lotion, spray, face balm, lip balm on hand at all times. Besides, it smells like vacation and is non-toxic for the family.

RE: Tag! Summertime SPF

Fave quick summer getaway for me is Palm Springs! Fave summertime spfs are Dr Jart's Sun fluid cause it's moisturizing and Julep No Excuses Sunscreen cause it's in a clear-gel form which I love! My makeup goes on very smoothly with this one.

RE: Tag! Summertime SPF

Having fair-light skin my sun spots show very easily. So having a good SPF is always on my radar. And I always use mineral sunscreen Instead of chemical. I've used the clarins SPF 40 mineral sunscreen for a long time. It acts as a primer too for makeup but unfortunately when they changed it to SPF 50 they also decided to make it a chemical sunscreen! So now I've switched to use Bareminerals one. It's nice not greasy like the shiseido one. I am also using a Japanese shiseido one from their Anessa line. It's the best I've tried so far. I'm planning on trying the Coola one! It's a bit hard to get my hands on it from Canada

RE: Tag! Summertime SPF

My favorite is the Supergoop Defense Refresh Setting Mist! If you love protecting your skin but also love wearing a full face of makeup this is for you! Reapplying sunscreen has never been easier.

RE: Tag! Summertime SPF

I just bought it. I cant wait to try it!

RE: Tag! Summertime SPF

Hi! My go to sunscreen is Coola's Cool Mango sunscreen. It has SPF 50 and I wear it every day underneath my makeup without it affecting length of wear. I have very acne prone skin and this is the only thing that doesn't break me out! Always remember to request a sample before buying though as everyone's skin is different. ☺️

Re: Tag! Summertime SPF

My one and only one choice for SPF solution is from a Japanese brand called SOFINA (or SOFINA beaute for their facial products).  I have been applying their SPF face lotion (SPF 50+ PA++++) since my early 20's or since I learned I had to put on sunscreen even in the office.  I have been very loyal to this brand, because it is famous for its SPF solution, it is non-sticky (it makes my face actually soft and silky), and it is the only brand that my skin not allergic to (I also have their "PerfectUV SPF50+ PA+++ White Protect" for my arms and legs).  Hopefully I can see their products on the shelves of Sephora soon.

Re: Tag! Summertime SPF

Ouhhh,  I'll keep my eyes open for this brand when I go to Japan.  Is it a department store brand or a drugstore brand? @rolrolkm

Re: Tag! Summertime SPF

It's a drugstore brand.  You should be able to find it in Matsumoto Kiyoshi.

Sorry for my late reply.

Re: Tag! Summertime SPF

I am using Dr. Jart Sun Fluid SPF 30. It a chemical sunscreen so no white cast and super light weight Smiley Happy If you are not sensitive to chemical sunscreen, you should definitely try this out.

Re: Tag! Summertime SPF

@JinSoi94 I agree the sun fluid is great, especially if your moisturizer lacks SPF since you can just add a few drops!

Re: Tag! Summertime SPF

My favorite SPF right now is the Nars Smooth & Protect SPF Primer!

This primer has not been trending and I honestly do not know why because it is one of the best products I have purchased!

I chose to try this primer out on a whim because I was looking for a primer that would smooth out my complexion and pores and swatched this when I was in store one day and completely fell in love with the texture! It immediately blurred pores and when I noticed that it also had SPF 50, I fell in love. It does everything a primer is supposed to do while also providing sun protection to prevent aging. I have very fair, somewhat dry skin, and this primer has done a great job with protecting my skin against harsh rays of sun (I haven't become sunburned at all being out in the sun all day while wearing this!) Also, I find that this primer/sunscreen doesn't have flashback in photos which is a HUGE must for me! I would seriously recommend giving this product a try! Smiley Happy 

Re: Tag! Summertime SPF

Thank you @Randell for the tag Smiley Happy 


I recently went to cancun where the sun was scorching, bleeding into my eyes even when I had them closed! SPF was my best friend. 


1. Ohui Perfect Sun Black (SPF50, pa+++) 

Used this as a base for my makeup. It worked great, and even gave me some coverage like CC cream. 


2. Shiseido Anessa (SPF50, pa+++)

One of the more famous japanese sunscreens. Doesn't leave a white cast, so it's also easily worn with makeup. 


3. Supergoop Everyday (SPF50, pa+++) 

Everyday sunscreen. I use this primarily on my decolletage and hands. 

When swimming, it goes all over my body because this one's water resistant! 

Re: Tag! Summertime SPF

@MSena That Ohui sounds interesting!

Re: Tag! Summertime SPF

@MSena ahh Cancun <3  


I have the supergoop mousse I need to get in the sun to put it to good use! Have you tried the mousse? 



Re: Tag! Summertime SPF

@ElleElleGI thought I was good at keeping track of people tagging me but nope.   Ooooops! 

Hmmm...I suppose my favorite summer getaway is always my last one so I'll have to go with StMarteens/StBarths.  The sun there is quite hot and relentless but I still managed to escape my tropical vacation as white as a ghost just the way I like it!  I'' a big fan of Neutogena sheer glow and of any Vichy sunscreen for my body.  For my face I'' a die hard boire fan. 

The highlight of my trip was feeding iguanas with pilfered fruit from the hotel breakfast buffet-lots of them!  I'm talking hundreds of iguanas.  It got a little scary when they all started running towards me and i was running out of fruit. The closest thing I can think of to compare it to is Jurassic park.  One started crawling up my crutches so I threw my bag of fruit (they all went running towards

The bag) and I got out of there.  

Who to tag.... @veggiechililover @Notcreative @michelleshops 

Re: Tag! Summertime SPF

OMG!   That is the best story!  You have the most fun adventures!   @heartsmyface


 Feed Me!Feed Me!

Re: Tag! Summertime SPF

@Tamara76 Yeah it was the same trip.  We should really try harder not to put ourselves in crazy situations, but then we wouldn't have fun stories to tell.  

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