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Tag! Summertime SPF

SPF Image.jpg


Summer is my favorite time of year, by far! It's sunny and usually full of fun outdoor activities and maybe even trips to tropical destinations if we’re lucky enough!


Summer is also the season of SPF so in celebration of summer, we thought it would be fun to play a (virtual) game of tag! I’m going to start the game below and share the rules for how to play:

  1. Share your favorite summer getaway where sunscreen is a must!
  2. Tell us your favorite SPF for summertime sun protection.
  3. Tag a friend (or three!) to hear their favorites.*


Oh and if you haven’t been tagged yet but are really excited about sunscreen go ahead and share your faves below!


*Make sure you're @mentioning the person you want to tag so they get a notification!

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Re: Tag! Summertime SPF

My favorite SPF right now is Murad's Invisiblur! It's so great for days I want to go natural and wear only that over moisturizer or it can be a great primer. 


My favorite sunny destination would have to be San Diego... I have made so many fun summer memories and love that I can go in the water at the beach (not the case in SF!). 


I tag...

@jemly @ZombieMetroAnt @pixiedust2 @Anewxa


What's your favorite SPF and sunny destination to use it Smiley Happy 

RE: Re: Tag! Summertime SPF

I've heard very good things about this one !!

Re: Tag! Summertime SPF

My favorite SPF is Josie Maran Daily Moisturizer SPF 47. It is also my daytime moisturizer year round.

My favorite sunny destinations are Bermuda in the Carribean and Las Vegas in the USA.

Re: Tag! Summertime SPF

Ive heard so many great things about the Murad. It's next on my to buy list.

Re: Tag! Summertime SPF

Hi Katie! Thanks for the tag! 


My favorite is Bare Minerals Broad Spectrum SPF 50 Mineral Shield Daily Prep Lotion.  Wow, sure is a mouthful Smiley Very Happy It's a mineral sunscreen which I prefer to chemical. It's a must for me to wear SPF everyday living in So Cal. Plus I'm pasty like a ghost so I burn easily. 


My my favorite sunny destination is Hawaii, Maui in particular. Trying to plan a trip now for this fall. 


I tag @lyravega because she's so knowledgeable about skincare and sunscreen. I'd live to hear her thoughts. 

Re: Tag! Summertime SPF


I love this thread, I am always trying new sunscreens/formulas so it is great to see so many suggestions. I also love how this brought all us ladies back together in one thread! 


Thanks @KatieBT!!! 😘

RE: Re: Tag! Summertime SPF

I live in beach town so spf is a must. I hate anything that smells like my favorite by far are supergoop and the tarte moisturizer with spf 30.

Re: Tag! Summertime SPF

Ooh, thanks Katie!  Living in So Cal means SPF season all year long!  Since I burn easy and I also want to maintain my pasty skin pale, I try to use products infused with SPF on top of my sunscreen. Right now I'm using COOLA primer SPF 30 then IT Cosmetics CC Cream SPF 50.  ☀️


My favorite summer getaway, hands down...Catalina Island!  🙌🏼  Small island, lots of fun 🌴 


Oh gosh, I'm curious to hear what everyone else's faves are so I'm gonna break the rules a bit and tag 4 ladies who know a whole lot about skincare!  Tagging @niki172 @DaintyDiva @lyravega @prettyinpa  I wish I could tag more 😏

Re: Tag! Summertime SPF

Thanks for the tag @ZombieMetroAnt! My favorite place would have to be the Carribbean islands. I love going on cruises to the different ports! My current SPF is the Chanel UV Essentiel SPF 55. It's the only thing that I've found that absorbs into my skin, and also doesn't make me oily (and I have dry skin!). @Tamara76 @ElleElleG @veronika23

Re: Tag! Summertime SPF

@niki172thanks for the tag! Favorite place... cottage country Smiley Very Happy.  Any place with a cottage by the lake surrounded by forests and mountains. Doesn't matter if it's sunny or not though. hahaha

@shimmerbait @Randell@angel7594@Mcakes

Re: Tag! Summertime SPF

Thanks for the tag, Zombie!  My favorite body sunscreen is Neutrogena Cool Dry Sport SPF70.  It's mesh formula means my skin can still perspire and not feel suffocated in hot weather.  For face my favorite is ETUDE HOUSE Sunprise mild watery SPF 50.  No sunscreen smell, light consistency, doesn't cause breakouts even when piled on at the beach!

Re: Tag! Summertime SPF

Oops I forgot the destination , Lewes DE, we have friends with a beach house there, nice bay for windsurfing and dog friendly beaches in the fall and winter.  Tag @mcakes @unfungirl!

RE: Tag! Summertime SPF

Oh fun !! Thank you for tagging me @KatieBT ! I'm afraid I have a long-winded answer. I'm very pale and if i'm in the sun for more than 15 min i burn. Sunscreen is undoubtedly so important ! My relationship with it is complicated though -- I am prone to a vitamin D deficiency -- lame !--so I try to allow myself a small--and I stress small--window of unblocked sun. I frankly am rarely ever in the sun and wear a jacket even when it's 100 degrees out and often do not leave work until it is dark out. If i know I'm going to be in the sun for more than 15 minutes then sunscreen goes on. This system has worked very well for me and I have not had a sunburn in a decade. So ! To answer the current go-tos are SUNBUM SPF 50 for body and LA ROCHE POSAY anthelios spf 50 physical for face. I also love this wave of spf face spritzes that launched this season as a perfect way to refresh face SPF when you have makeup on. I've been using the PIXI sun spray spf 30. It does make your face a bit shiny and may be need to rubbed in slightly--but it really is a fantastic solution to the reapplying sunscreen conundrum. I'm currently in LA [!!!!!] and left my sunscreen in a perfectly packed pouch at home. Whoops. On a whim today I picked up neutrogena spf 60 for sensitive skin. I'll report back on that if I like it. My foundation and my primer both contain SPF 30 as well which surely helps too. I'm tagging @ShannonAlexis and @Gwenhwyfar because they're both rather pale with somewhat sensitive skin.

Re: RE: Tag! Summertime SPF

@jemly Anthelios twins <3 I've been curious about the Sun Bum one!

Re: RE: Tag! Summertime SPF

i should definitely try one of those sprays!

Re: Tag! Summertime SPF

Thanks for the tag @ZombieMetroAnt Heart Smiley Happy

My favorite Summer getaway is the Côte d'Azur! Heart Heart Heart

Well, I have been known to use SPF even in the middle of snow storms, so sunscreen is a very serious matter for me Smiley Very Happy

For face nowadays I've been rotating among a few different products depending on what I need at the moment: Chanel "Le Blanc Makeup Base SPF 40 in rosee" for when I need to look fabulous (goes perfect under foundation and, if skin cooperates, by itself), Laneige "BB Cushion Pore Control SPF50 in 11C" for when I have no time to fuss (it was great when I was at Disney this June, I could just sit wherever and *pat pat pat* reapply it every few hours), It's just a pity neither of them is mineral Smiley Sad My two foundations are SPF 20 (mineral) Givenchy Teint Couture and Givenchy Matissime Velvet. Also, sometimes I still use my discontinued YSL Forever Light Creator CC Creme SPF 35 in rose when there isn't much UV danger and I don't want to put on foundation.

For body I love the Shiseido  WetForce for Sensitive Skin and Children SPF 50+, that is mineral (and can be used on face too!). This summer I also got the Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Body Mist SPF100+, that is a super fine invisible mist and great when you are in a hurry. But as chemical fine mist, I don't care to breath it any more than I need, so I only use it when I really have no time to apply the mineral one . 

Now I would like to hear about the sunscreen preferences of @lmi82@EvangelineDamon@Ispend2much6 and @tsavorite ! Smiley Very Happy


Re: Tag! Summertime SPF


Thank heavens this is an easy question!

I'm allergic to ethyl hexyl methoxycinnamate which is in almost all chemical sunscreens, by that name or other names, such as octinoxate, or octyl methoxycinnamate.

My favorite sunscreens are Clinique Mineral Sunscreens, Broad Spectrum SPF 30 for the face and for the body.  The sunniest place that I go, outside of my own home state, is the Las Vegas area,  but I don't sunbathe.  Favorite ocean beaches to visit are by San Francisco and Tybee Beach in Georgia. Favorite lake is Navajo Lake in Southern Utah. My favorite activity in the sun would be fishing by mountain streams or rivers.

I will tag @PaletteAddict99 and @willa25 for their sunscreen preferences, favorite sunny places to visit.  (Please see Katie's original questions.)   Smiley Happy

Re: Tag! Summertime SPF

Thanks @DaintyDiva.  I'm still experimenting with brands.  I did like Avene's Ultra Light Hydrating Sunscreen SPF 50.  I also like Murad's Invisiblur if I need a base.  If I already have on a full face of makeup,  Supergoop has a Defense Refresh Setting Mist SPF is good for reapplications.  I also like their City Suncreen Serum SPF 30.  Supergoop has some physical sunscreens for those that can't tolerate the other usual chemicals.

@tsavorite  @ClassicallyFab

Re: Tag! Summertime SPF

Thanks for the tag Jem!


I can't wear sunscreen every day because it can trigger my perioroal dermatitis. BUT I finally found a sunscreen for my face that doesn't seem to bother it.


  1. I usually don't like summer vacations - I like to stay inside where it's cool. But I do like to go to Disney World and the Outer Banks!
  2. For my face: Dr Jart Every Sun Day Sun Fluid SPF 35
    For body: Sun Bum SPF 50 (smells so good!)
  3. I'm going to tag @malday @michelleshops and @TriesToBoClassy  Smiley Happy



Re: Tag! Summertime SPF

Ooh fun! Thanks for the tag @ShannonAlexis

1. I think my favorite super sunny vacation was to Punta Cana. The water was so clear and the beaches stunning!

2. For face, on regular days I use the Coola makeup setting spray with SPF 30. For vacations I also like the Sun Bum. The smell is so yummy!

3. I will tag @TopazBeth and @Mochapj 




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