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Sunscreen & skincare recs

I am turning 22 this summer, and am interested in taking better care of my skin. My skin is, for the most part, normal. Oily in the t-zone if anything, uncomfortable without moisturizer at least on the cheeks.

So I have 3 concerns...

1. Sunscreen seems to break me out, so I don't wear it, but I know I need to be. I have tried mixing in face spf with my moisturizer, and I have tried origins vitazing... which also breaks me out.. what do you all recommend?

2. I have lots of blackheads! I use the Clarisonic, and I alternate between Salicylic acid wash in the morning, and benzoyl peroxide at night. I'm curious about glycolic acid and/or peels to help with this issue?

3. I need good skincare products for night time. I'm only 22, but want to prevent aging, and I also have dark circles under my eyes.

Re: Sunscreen & skincare recs

1. I was also going to suggest mineral sunscreens since people seem to do better with them, which is probably because they sit on the surface of the skin more than chemical ones (which are usually absorbed by your skin). I use Neutrogena's.


3. As far as good skincare products for night time, I use a good moisturizer (for sensitive skin) and usually add a drop or two of Fresh's Seaberry face oil when I see fit (or even just apply it to certain parts of my face). (I can't recommend a facial moisturizer since, if you don't have sensitive skin, you probably have better options than me.)

Re: Sunscreen & skincare recs

I'm also 22 and have similar skin types.. 

I hated wearing sunscreen because they break me out as well especially when its mixed with other functions like moisturizing or makeup. 

I suggest using a sunscreen that's only job is to protect you from the sun. 

and look at the ingredients.. alot of the products esp high end focus on the texture.. 

I recently bought the MD solar science here on and is really liking it. 

chemical sunscreen products not just break me out but makes me extremely red... but this one only has physical protectors. . 

2. everyone hates blackheads.. try avoiding ingredients in skincare that clog the pores.. and over time it will get better especially if you're using clarisonic. 

I still have them, but clay masks helped 

I usually alternate btw glycolic acid based and clay based exfoliators 

3. moisturizing I think is most important.. but also in the long run, I think avoiding certain ingredients like parabens help. alot of people argue that its safe for the skin, but I personally think there is a difference in the long run.. being safe is different from being good for the skin.. but being natural doesn't necessairly mean that its good for the skin either.. 

try facial oils too.. moisturizing is the basis for all type of skin care and can solve alot of problems 

Re: Sunscreen & skincare recs

1. Do you break out from chemical or mineral sunscreens? What were the ingredients in the SPF products that broke you out? I get blotchy & some breakouts when I use chemical SPF, so I switched to Mineral (zinc & titanium dioxide) with a tint to decrease the white cast & have been much happier. Put moisturizer on first, then your SPF product

2. Are you sure they are blackheads or are the sebaceous filaments? If they are SF, you can't really get rid of them, but glycolic can help keep them slightly at bay.

3. Try a Vitamin C serum, I like to use on in the morning to help fight off free radicals, but they can be used at night. It will help even out skin tone too. Ole Henriksen Truth Serum is a big favorite here on BT. Philosophy's When Hope Is Not Enough is another good serum.



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