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Sunburnt face help!

I went to a baseball game on Sunday and FRIED in the sun. It was so hot and, despite the fact that I slathered myself with sunscreen like always, the right side of my face got burnt (because that's the side the sun was on, haha). The biggest victims are my forehead and nose. The redness is starting to go away, but my skin is so dry and flakey that any makeup I put on only emphasizes it and makes my face (especially my nose) look scaly.


I'm going to the mall tonight and am going to swing by Sephora for sure, so I was wondering if there were any products you recommend to help soothe my skin and super duper moisturize it to help it at least look somewhat normal.


My skin is usually dry/normal and not usually prone to breaking out if that helps with recommendations Smiley Happy

Re: Sunburnt face help!

Hi LKuhle-


I think that you should try the Peter Thomas Roth
Cucumber Gel Mask, its very soothing and I think it would be the perfect product to calm your skin.


gel mask.jpg

<3 Melissa

Re: Sunburnt face help!

@LKuhle Yes, Alpha Phi is on my campus and I love those girls! I miss living in SO much. It isn't letting me respond to your post for some reason!

Re: Sunburnt face help!

Also, this is something you would purchase at a grocery store.... Coconut Oil. It is literally the miracle treatment for everything. Especially burns. It feels kind of weird but it is SO good for your skin and hair. I got burnt a while back and covered my burn in it and woke up and all redness and pain was gone completely. It works wonders. Put it all over your face and you will wake up feeling like a new person! Also, it wont cause your skin to break out. It actually helps with acne

Re: Sunburnt face help!

Ooh, good to know! Thank you!


btw, random, but every time I seen your username it makes me smile... I was an Alpha Phi in college! I don't know if my sorority is at your school, but I loved the Delta Gammas at mine. One of my long time roommates was a DG.

Re: Sunburnt face help!

I'm in aphi too

Re: Sunburnt face help!

Ahh, how cool! I absolutely loved it. They're all posting pictures from Bid Day yesterday and it's making me a super nostalgic alum. Smiley Happy

Re: Sunburnt face help!

This is super helpful, thank you both! I can't remember the last time I burnt my face so I'm not a happy camper haha.

Re: Sunburnt face help!

No problem! Keep with SPF during the day especially now because your skin is sunburnt and you don't want to damage anything further, also, avoid any physical scrubs for the time being until skin is fully repaired and regenerated!

Re: Sunburnt face help!

Try using a hydrating serum or oil like PTR's Squalane or Kate Somerville's Quench Serum, both are humectant rich and will bind moisture to skin and flaky areas, providing instant soothing and hydrating.




In addition to that, try a moisturizer with milk or yogurt proteins. These are rich in lactic acid, or milk sugars/enzymes which will help soothe sunburnt or irritated skin but also gently help to promote a more even and smoothed surface. Try Kate Somerville's Goat's Milk moisturizer (also available in a soothing body lotion) or the variations of yoghurt moisturizers from Korres.




In addition to that, top off flaky areas with a silicone/dimethicone rich primer after moisturzer to diffuse the dry look and to lock in the moisturizer/serum benefits.


The Quench serum can actually double in this aspect because the texture is like a primer, or a vitamin rich nourishing primer like Hourglass' No. 28 Serum Primer. But even basic S/D primer formulas like Smashbox, Benefit Porefessional, or Too Faced's Primed & Poreless (pink tube) will do. Just take a bit and dab over extra dry/flaky spots after moisturizing.

Re: Sunburnt face help!

Murad has a skin soothing serum  for sun burned skin

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