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Summer Tips for Pale Skin!

I have very fair skin...Snow White has got NUTTIN on me, I'm serious!


Don't get me wrong! I am proud of being fair! Especially in the winter! Then I can hide in the snow and blend in to avoid my predators! XD

But this summer, I'm thinking about something TOTALLY NEW! I'm thinking about trying sunless tanning!



I'm not looking for a OHMYLORDSANDSTARS SHE'S GOLDEN! I just want to "enhance" my skin tone, basically a light tint of color! But I don't know which products to try! And then how to get the best out of that sunless tanner!



Abbers <3 Smiley Very Happy

Re: Summer Tips for Pale Skin!

A light bit of bronzer.  Use lightly and gradually build up.  Benefit and Nars both have good choices for fair skin.  this will help coordinate with any plans to sunless tan. 


If planning on using a self tanner, this thread has some great tips and product suggestions: 


Touch of highlighter or luminizer. 


But if the idea or results are not as planned, embrace what you were born with.  I noticed from those who preferred to not tan that they played up their accessories and outfits with color.  And since my color range goes from pale to lobster red, I've followed suit.  Colorblocking trends are present so mix, match, and pair accordingly. 

Re: Summer Tips for Pale Skin!

Okay so I have REALLY pale skin as well and I refuse to ever use a tanning bed again. So I've developed my own little self tanning routine at home.  I'll try to be as detailed as possible, I hope this helps!


So to start off you're going to want to make sure your skin is really exfoliated well and moisturized. I usually start really getting rid of dry skin 1-2 weeks before I want to start my self tanning, but thats just me. 


As for products I use.. I just use what I can buy at the drug store or Sephora since I don't like spending a lot of money on it.  These include :


L'Oreal Sublime Self tanning mist

- In medium

- I use this on my stomach, back and face


Jergens Natural Glow Face Daily Moisturizer 

- in medium


Olay Quench Plus Touch of Sun

- In light/medium 

-Used for legs, arms, & chest


Sephora Beach Glow Melted Body Butter

- Used for moisturizing and adding an extra glow for a short time


The reason I use all these different products is because I like how the L'Oreal mist works on the stomach and face however I find it streaky on the legs and arms. I use the Olay lotion for my legs and arms because I have better control of making sure it does not streak. I do this by using circular motions to rub it in.  I like to use the Jergens Natural Face Glow as a daily moisturizer until I achieve the level of darkness that I'd like.  However when I want to get dark fast I use the L'Oreal spray mist on my face as well.  The Sephora Beach Glow isn't actually a self tanner however it's a lotion that gives a nice golden look, so when I wear a dress or have my legs showing I like to use it just to add that little extra glow. 


- DO NOT have wet hair (or body)... it will drip and cause white spots (speaking from experience Smiley Tongue)

- DO NOT over tan! This will turn you orange, stop once you've achieved the look you want.

- DO use circular motions to rub lotion in

- DO exfoliate & moisturize before starting routine, dry skin will cause dark patches

-DO wear sunscreen.. it could save your life and at the very least it will save the youth of your skin Smiley Happy... just had to throw that in there. Smiley Tongue


So that's my tanning routine, it works pretty well for me but I can't guarantee it will work for everyone.  Since you said you only want a bit of a glow you can easily control when you'd like to stop. I find that after even 2 or 3 days of using this I'm satisfied with my tan. I hope this helps you and if you have any questions just ask! 

Re: Summer Tips for Pale Skin!

I am fair as well so i get what u mean. Smiley Happy But to be honest, if you use bronzers on your face it will make your face look dirty instead of sunkissed. What i would reccomend is the Nars blush in Gilda. It will give you that beachy, natural, sunkissed look without looking brown. Swipe it along your cheek bones and the ridge of your nose for a peachy glow. For the rest of your body i would use Jergens natural glow which gives you a healthy warm tone without overdoing it. Hope this helps!


Re: Summer Tips for Pale Skin!

abinormal wrote:

Don't get me wrong! I am proud of being fair! Especially in the winter! Then I can hide in the snow and blend in to avoid my predators! XD

I don't have much advice to offer, but OMG I laughed out loud at that Smiley Wink. I, too am very fair, and have grown to love it. I haven't had much success with bronzers, and I'm just too lazy (and indifferent) to do sunless tanners. I remember back in college I used the Jergens gradual tanning lotion off and on and it worked pretty well. I haven't used the ones for your face of course - hey, I said I couldn't offer much advice Smiley Wink. Anyway, good luck with your quest for that summer glow and keep us posted on your results.

Re: Summer Tips for Pale Skin!

The original post of the pale chick was so funny....go get a spray tan and be done with it! And use SPF!

Re: Summer Tips for Pale Skin!

I'm quite pasty as well. I really like the St. Tropez line for sunless self tanner. Everything else makes me look like an oompa loompa. D: I know the mousse is really popular. I wanted more color, so I got the salon lotion. They also make a gradual tanner like the Jergen's one. But you can mix the salon lotion into a body lotion to dilute it for a bronzy glow that lasts. Smiley Happy


Re: Summer Tips for Pale Skin!

Blonde/blue/bride of Dracula here.


Once you get the self-tanner part done, a few other things you can do to emphasize the new skintone:


1) Use a champagne-colored nail polish on fingers and toes.

2) Use a very pale lipstick/gloss

3) a nice swipe of highlighter along under the brow is good

4) a PALE bronze tone - something darker than your face but not so dark as to look dirty - and with a golden sheen in it.

5) Pale clothing colors.


The reason I suggest these is that I have found from experience that wearing these colors that are paler than your skin tone will create the illusion that your skin is more tanned than it is. Conversely, wearing very dark colors will make your skin look paler. It's the contrast.

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