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Sugar Scrub

I recently ran out of my favorite sugar scrub heres what it is... However they dont sell it anymore and i need a new one. I have tried out sugar scrubs but nothing as good as this. I am looking for one that is a REAL SUGAR scrub and very thick. Has anyone tried anything like this? Thanks Smiley Happy

Re: Sugar Scrub

Origins Ginger Scrub smells amazing and works really well.

Re: Sugar Scrub

I used to buy sugar scrubs, but I just found it easier to make my own because it is not only cheaper but you can make it the exact consistency you want.

You should try making this one, it's great for your skin and you don't have to add the coloring if ou don't want too.

If you want to make sure it's real sugar, why don't you j...

If you want to make sure it's real sugar, why don't you just make your own? Just use olive oil and sugar and you should be good to go. Remember to store it in container with a lid in the refrigerator. Trust me you feel definitely moisturized after washing it off. I hope this helps and good luck!

Here's a link to the various sugar scrubs that Sephora ca...

Just wanted to tell you a couple things before I make my...

Just wanted to tell you a couple things before I make my recommendation:


Since you love this VS Pink Sugar scrub so much, have you checked eBay for it? I loved the "Naturally Victoria's Secret"  Body Polishes but VS stopped making them. Though I was able to find tons of them brand new for sale on eBay, so it's worth checking.


But, since I know I can't buy a discontinued product on eBay forever, I started looking for a scrub to replace my VS naturally body polish. I love my Fresh "Brown Sugar Body Polish" (Sephora Product Page) This is a  is a gentle moisturizing scrub treatment for the body. Pure brown sugar blended with the world's finest oils results in an entirely natural and stimulating exfoliant. This product combines the fresh scent of lemon with the restorative, antibacterial properties of sugar to bring you one of the sweetest bath experiences around. It is a very thick scrub and it has real sugar granules that do a great job exfoliating. It also has all natural oils so moisture is locked in and your skin never gets dried out, and it smells great!


It might also be worth your while to ckeck out body polishes/scrubs at Bath and Body Works: since the same company owns both B &B W and Victoria's Secret many of their beauty products end up being similar. I hope this helps you! Smiley Happy


You could try Fresh Brown Sugar Body Polish or Bliss Blo...

You could try Fresh Brown Sugar Body Polish or Bliss Blood Orange+White Pepper Sugar Scrub, or you could make your own.

I mixed white granulated sugar and of all my body washes, Pink Sugar Glossy Shower Gel worked the best, and gave a kind of 'whipped' texture. I mixed it in and stirred it and made it a little thicker, I prefer thick body scrubs so you don't need much, unlike watery (usually cheaper) ones that aren't very concentrated. I used a jar from Caudalie Scrub and it's kept it nice and fresh. You can purchase jars like it at target in the kitchen area they're called 'spice jars.' I actually bought some to make a body scrub and tie some pretty ribbon that matches the "color of the scent" (lime = green, vanilla = brown, citrus = orange and yellow plaid, etc.) around it and give it as a gift, along with a body wash that matched that scent. (you have to buy two bottles: one to make the scrub and one for the gift, so you don't give them a 'used' gift, ha ha. Smiley Wink ) Well, anyways I hope you like this idea. It's fun and a moneysaver, too. Smiley Very Happy


Hope this helped!!

xoxo, Charlotte

I love love love Origins ginger sugar scrub, natural, a l...

I love love love Origins ginger sugar scrub, natural, a little goes a long way, and smells amazing!  I bought Fresh brown sugar scrub for my bf's sister, she really likes it, it smells good, kinda lemony, also effective.


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