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Spatula for your cream?

Hi girls! I'm wondering what do you use for your creams that are in jars, instead of your fingers ? Smiley Happy I used to use my hands to apply a face cream, but I've reading so much how there are too many germs and it's not recommended to put your fingers in any beauty product. Any suggestions? 



Re: Spatula for your cream?

Cool! Thank you! I have few of these (brand new), will use it tonight Smiley Happy

Re: Spatula for your cream?

I hate jar packaging for this reason as well as its expose to sunlight further breaks down. (In makeup and skincare). AKA jar packaging pretty much turns a product into a petri dish. Now that my rant is over, I would get either a mixing spatula or use a brush (make sure it is synthetic or it is going to be a pain!)

Re: Spatula for your cream?

Mine doesn't get exposed to sunlight... A. bathroom doesn't have a window B. All my skincare is in a drawer C. a lot of them come in non-transparent jars. 

Interesting fact on Jar packaging.... If something is very thick in texture, it can't go into a pump tube. The pumps rely on air to push the product up to the top & out the hole. If it's a really thick/moisturizing product, then it's too heavy to come out. This is the #1 reason why so many eye creams are in jars. And it's how I learned about jar packaging, because I too wasn't a fan. 

I got a package of spatulas and keep a few in a little cotton organizer I keep on my counter. I wash it after every use, and throw it out after a week. 

Plus, a lot of eye creams & even some moisturizers come with spatulas. 

Re: Spatula for your cream?

1. I approve of glass, non-transparent jars but a lot of products skip this step. 2. I always getting nervous of the humidity in bathrooms so keep my products in my vanity. 3. The thickness issue is why I like tube packaging the best! 


You can always ask Sephora for their sample spatulas! 

Re: Spatula for your cream?

I don't know many moisturizers that come in a tube. I have dry skin & in the winter I need a heavier moisturizer, but light on the oil (milia prone). Moisturizers in tubes/pumps just don't cut it for me. I know some eye creams that come in a tube, but rarely moisturizers. 

Re: Spatula for your cream?

You have to do your research but there are plenty of options for your skin! I have milia prone skin too which is why I refuse to use mineral oil. If I am going to spend my $ on a product, it needs to have good ingredients and good packaging to protect those ingredients.  (This is just my personal opinion) I looked up a few (checked the ingredients too for you) and found plenty of options!


Clinique Super rescue antioxidant night moisturizer, Estee Lauder's Nutritious Radiant Vitality Essence Oil (though it contains fragrance), Murad Time Release Retinol Concentrate for Deep Wrinkles, Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare Age Erase Moisture With Mega 10 for Face. Even drugstore- Olay Pro X Deep Wrinkle treatment if price is an issue for you. 



Re: Spatula for your cream?

I know what triggers my milia, it's not jsut mineral oil.. also argan oil & many other ingredients. 

I also do my research & stay away from Clinique... I don't need that much alcohol, wax, oil & fillers on my skin. & wasting time trying to find up to date ingredients for their products is a huge turnoff. 

I can't do pure oils, unless you count PTR oilless oil which is pure squalane from sugar cane. 

Already love my PTR retinol PM & AM, so I don't think I need it in my moisturizer. 

The DDG was not hydrating enough for winter

& I don't support or purchase P&G products, especially Olay. 

I know you're trying to help, but I've been skincare obsessed for 8 years, I know what I can/cannot handle. & I also don't fall into marketing hype. I too was afraid of jar packaging, but not anymore after I read up a bit on it. 



Re: Spatula for your cream?

These were just a few examples and as I said, I did a ROUGH search. I am glad your moisturizer works for you and sorry if I offended you. My point was that there are plenty of options that are not going to turn my product into a petri dish. There are so many options and the beauty world is pretty competitive so I see no reason to sacrifice ingredients or hygiene. I'm not saying ALL jar packaging is bad. Some companies have really stepped up their game with opaque, air tight jars. But as we know, not all jars are the same. Lets not make this a thing. Again, sorry if I offended you. 

Re: Spatula for your cream?

Mixing spatula is a great idea! I think I'll get tired of using/washing a brush twice a day )) Thank you!

Re: Spatula for your cream?

I wash my hands first.

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