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Spatula for your cream?

Hi girls! I'm wondering what do you use for your creams that are in jars, instead of your fingers ? Smiley Happy I used to use my hands to apply a face cream, but I've reading so much how there are too many germs and it's not recommended to put your fingers in any beauty product. Any suggestions? 



Re: Spatula for your cream?

Like others here, I use the dinky plastic spatulas that sometimes come with products (or are used at some beauty counters). I have several of them.


Before and after I use them, I always sanitize them with rubbing alcohol and a facial tissue. I keep the rubbing alcohol in a small pump bottle on my counter because I use it for so many things (like sanitizing spatulas LOL).

Re: Spatula for your cream?

I always loos mine and end up using my fingers instead. Maybe a q tip or something, the end of a makeup brush???


Re: Spatula for your cream?

I just picked this up and it works great!

Re: Spatula for your cream?

I agree this one is not bad. 

Re: Spatula for your cream?

Thanks! I guess I'll pick this one up as well Smiley Happy

Re: Spatula for your cream?

For beauty creams when you put your fingers in the jar it changes the creams.  You won't notice it but it does and makes them less effective.


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