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Small, itchy bumps on face.


I have been getting red itchy bumps on my face that eventually turn into pimples. My skin is very sensitive, breaks out easily and has random dry patches.  Currently, I have small itchy bumps and red, tender (sore) cheeks. Do you have any products to recommend to me?

I had a lot of red spots, and blackheads so I tried Clean...

I had a lot of red spots, and blackheads so I tried Clean & Clear Deep action cream cleanser. This helped the itchiness a lot. What I use for all my acne, blackhead and red spot problems is Neutrogena Oil-Free Acne Wash pink grapefruit foaming scrub. This helped SO much! My blackheads were gone when I woke up since I had applied it the night before! My other problems went away in about a week or less! You can find both of these products at Vons, Safeway,  Fresh & easy, or pretty much any grocrey store.

 I hope this helped! Smiley Wink

By the way you’ve described your skin issues, It sounds l...

By the way you’ve described your skin issues, It sounds like it is possible that you could have a condition known as rosacea.  Rosacea is a common disorder of the facial skin that is estimated to affect well over 16 million Americans, and most of them don't know it.  Rosacea is characterized by its red-faced, acne-like effects on the skin.

While the cause of rosacea is unknown and there is no cure, today medical help is available that can control the signs and symptoms.  Any one of the following warning signs is a signal to see a dermatologist or other knowledgeable physician for diagnosis and appropriate treatment before the signs and symptoms become increasingly severe:

             Redness on the cheeks, nose, chin or forehead.

             Small visible blood vessels on the face.

             Bumps or pimples on the face.

             Watery or irritated eyes

So I would recommend going to see a dermatologist for a diagnosis of your skin condition and treatment options.

I hope this helps you.  Smiley Happy

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