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Skincare tips : weird but true

So I have some weird tips that, believe it or not, have improved my skin. Some are not that weird, some are, some are obvious but people still don't use it. Let's begin. 


Choosing the right products 

This is obvious, but when I started using skincare, I was clueless and made this mistake. When I saw about 3 zits on my face, I freaked and bought acne wash, gel, the like. Waste of money. My skin is dry and sensitive, not acne prone or oily (even now I have like two tiny zits that are going away soon, because I didn't do skincare stuff for like a week ) so the products irritated my skin, and I broke out more. Now I use products made for my skin type, and it works great! 

Skin super foods 

so these are foods that help skin majorly : green tea, it has so many antioxidants, and tastes great ! Ever since i was little, i always drank green tea, unsweetened ( even healthier ) since my mom loved it..

Water ;  yeah so beyond knows this but few listen to it. Drink water, two cups a day ( 4 fl.oz. to a cup, i think or maybe 2 f.loz.) 

face mask ingredients to look out for 

chocolate :   some brands sell chocolate masks, or make a mask yourself with cocoa powder in it 9 youtube bubzbeauty, she has great diy skin tutorials, including a chocolate one) but chocolate has great thingamabobs in it to fight oily skin and zits. 

Rice or rice flour  once again, bubzbeauty did a tutorial on this, check it out. she knows more than me 

oatmeal again, bubzbeauty, she is like skincare magician. 

oily skin tips have oily skin or zits in forehead ? the oil from your bangs could be transfering to your skin. 

try to use less freasy hair products or pin up your bangs 

moustrize, your skin may be oily beacause it is dry. when your skin is dry and it is not moustrizied, it produces oil to moustrize. 

the zit tips so use a clarisonic if your skin is really bad, so many people with acne credit it for clearing up their skin. 

also, don't put makeup on your zits. the makeup might clog  it. if you have a week off school or work, try not wear makeup all week long, or only when you go out. then when you get home, remove all makeup and maybe put a clay mask on areas with zits. 

using bare minerals ? had no zits befire using and now have acne? some people are really allergic to the stuff in mineral makeup. 

try not to change up skincare a lot. it will makeup your skin breakout since it is not yet used to the new prodcuts. 



....and change your pillowcase often!  Even though we may...

....and change your pillowcase often!  Even though we may do a fabulous job cleaning our face before bed, our hair still has oils, or we may have left our perfume on, or maybe we sweat - who knows, but change that pillowcase often.  Your skin may thank you!

Everyone always seems to forget about avocado, which tend...

Everyone always seems to forget about avocado, which tends to be full of vitamins and healthy fats and oils.  Not only is it good in facials (it feels so amazing on the skin) but it can actually help in order to benefit the hair, especially hair which might need a little extra care.

In general, just eat lots of fruit and veggies, but namel...

In general, just eat lots of fruit and veggies, but namely dark green leafies, carrots, dates, tomatoes, apples, etc.

Yogurt is great for you.

Almonds are amazing for your skin--try to get only the lightly salted or no salt ones.

Drink 8 cups of water a day (8 fl. oz. in a cup, so in total 64 fl. oz.).  Remember, some of this water will come from the food you eat.


Yeah, that's about it from me, but there are tons of foods that are AMAZING for you and your skin.

On a related topic, theer was cool thread a while back we...

On a related topic, theer was cool thread a while back were many shared their "unconventional beauty tricks":



Comments included tips and tricks for skincare (i..e make your own masks and scrubs) and make-up (how to save lipsticks).  There are other tips which I use sometimes that I think most people know, like crushed aspirin or toothpaste on a pimple in a pinch.  :-)

Thank you for posting this Nanobear18. I love all of the...

Thank you for posting this Nanobear18. I love all of the helpful tipsSmiley Happy

<3 Melissa

I don't know if this qualifies for skincare tips, but I t...

I don't know if this qualifies for skincare tips, but I tried putting meat tenderizer and deodorant on some wasp stings recently. I put tenderizer on one sting and some deodorant on the other, and it actually worked, both stings stopped hurting pretty quickly and didn't get as red as usual. We have a lot of problems with wasps here now that it is so dry, they get irritable on hot days and sting with little provocation.

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