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Skincare that prevents Acne?

Hey! So I know the Tatcha Dewy Spray is great, but recently it has been giving me bad acne...

What are some acne prone essential oils, serums, skin care products, etc would ya'll recommend? 

Thanks a bunch!

Re: Skincare that prevents Acne?

I am right there with you! 


I have done a ton of research and found that it is necessary to stay away from anything containing silicones, siliconic derivitives, and silicone varients. 


This is a great article:


That being said, I like quite a lot of stuff at Sephora:

  • Peter Thomas Roth's line of acid based cleansers (acid is the only thing that pushes out all the crud built up in your pores)
  • Cane+Austin's Miracle Pads- the 30% Glycolic Acid pads, once or twice a week to get everything out
  • Peter Thomas Roth Rose and Pumpkin masks
  • Burberry Freshglow primer (the only one I have found with no silicones at all)
  • Anastasia Beverly Hills Foundation Sticks
  • Laura Mercier Foundation
  • Laura Mercier Rose oil
  • Kiel's Deep Moisture balm (even for oily skin, just use less) (Also this contains shea butter and lavender oils, lavender is suuuuper good for your skin)
  • Kiel's Daily Renewal Oil
  • Origin's Essence Lotion Dual Ferment Complex (the pink bottle)
  • Biossance Squalene oils (you can even use for eyes)
  • Kiels Creamy Eye Treatment with Avacodo
  • Make Up Forever Camouflage Color Correct pallette + Concealer Pallette (you can also use for highlight and contour, or add to foundation for deeper hues)
  • Bobbi Brown Bronzer
  • Kevin Aucoin Sensual Skin Enhancer (a teeny tiny bit goes a long way, great for concealer and foundation- at first your pores will purge because of the mineral oil base, but this also uses honey and you will eventually have smooth skin)
  • Viseart Corrector pallette
  • Use your concealer for an eye primer instead of regular primer and just touch up your eyeshadow (there are unfortunately no eye primers that I have found that don't have silicones,  I can't stress how much that will hurt your eye skin over time, it is the thinnest skin on your body)
  • The Ordinary. has some new acid treatments that are awesome
  • Tatcha Essence Skin Plumping Skin Softener- FREAKING AMAZING!!!!!
  • Tatcha Rice Enzymes
  • For lip treatment I just use the Smith's Rose salve, best thing I have ever used on my lips. 
  • Lancer's microdermabrasion
  • Dr. Brandt pore refining Microdermabrsion
  • I havent used it, but Omorovicza has a great concealer "Mineral Touch"

My skin has started drying out from living in a dry climate so I follow a few rules:

Glycerin based cleanser in the morning, then deep moisturizing. 

At night I use an acid based cleanser, then an acid treatment when its called for, then a light toner, then essence. Then spot treatments, then a serum, then I use my moisturizer and top of with a little oil. 


I do recommend having some kind of acid treatment, The Ordinary has a Glycolic Acid toner that is very affordable, I would recommend that at night. You really want these acids pushing out all the gunk. 


Sunday Riley also has a great Martian toner and oil. 


Don't be deterred if you are first breaking out a little from a new routine, that is good, your skin is purging. 


I also recommend not doing too much. When I do my microdermabrasion, I always follow with the enzyme. I do the micro once/twice a week. I never do more only because you can over do it, and your skin will go haywire. 


If I use a treatment, I do it the day after my micro. Let your skin rest a little. 


For make up, I reallllly recommend that you at least use a primer, concealer and foundation with no silicones. You can't escape it in a lot of products, but at least if you give yourself a protective layer before your contouring, cheeks, eyes you can keep the silicones from seeping into your pores. 


If you know you will be sweating or super hot, try staying away from too much contouring and blush at least so they don't sink into your pores when they open. 


But really, if you need to have it, I love the multi purpose of Anastasia Beverly Hills foundation sticks, I have two so that I have a natural looking contour going on. 


That being said for acne in general, really try sweating once a day, a 20 minute cardio or something that will use your body's natural detox system efficiently. 






Re: Skincare that prevents Acne?

Hereโ€™s my routine start to finish:

Alba Botanica Hawaiian Pineapple Enzyme Facial Cleanser every day

LUSH Herbalism Cleanser every day

tarte Knockout Tingling Treatment every third day

Alba Botanica Hawaiian Jasmine & Vitamin E Moisture Cream every day

LUSH Mask it Magnaminty every other day

GlamGlow SuperMud twice a week

Burts Beeโ€™s Herbal Complextion Stick for acne spot treatments


My skin used to be so horribly oily and acne prone, now breakouts / pimples are rare. Hope this helps! (:

Re: Skincare that prevents Acne?

@Jukochan I have had bad adult acne for a few years now and it seemed like nothing would stop it. If anything, the "acne" products I tried made my breakouts worse. I received N+F's Glycolic Fix Serum in an Ipsy bag and gave it a shot on a whim one day. Bam! Acne gone OVERNIGHT! When used together with their Glycolic Fix Daily Cleansing Pads, the product works even better! I am not sure if this method works for everyone (as the products are not technically marketed to solve acne) but it has been a game changer for me! Hope this helps!

Re: Skincare that prevents Acne?

Is N+F the name of the brand?

Sephora won't allow me to type out the full name because...

Sephora won't allow me to type out the full name because the first word is considered censored. It is N-i-p + Fab without those dashes. @Jukochan
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