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Skincare advice?!

I have combo skin, but it's usually more oily than dry. I have moderate acne and i have since i was 13. I am now 20 and it hasnt gone away. I also seem to have blackheads that never go away, all over my nose and my inner creeks. I'm thinking they are more likely sebacious filaments. They haven't gone away or calmed down for 5 years. I also have some discolouration (redness) on my face. Any products to help any of this, or even advice would be greatly appreciated.

Skincare advice?!

I totally feel you! I also have combo acne prone skin and last year my skin just went wack and had so much acne I lost so much self confidence. Also my acne scars turn into red that doesn't seem to disappear. I have tried products from drugstore to duy to high end and what really help was drunk elephant! Seriously. At night I use Pekee facial bar, cosrx BHA toner, cosrx honey ceramide eye cream, mixture of DE marula oil and TLC framboos and spot treat any active acne. Also I use the cosrx centella cream for acne scarring and pigmentation. During the day use the juju bar, beauty water from son and park, Saturday skin brightening eye cream, mixture of marula oil and C-firma, and most important of all Sunscreen! Also a tip, don't mix your bha/aha's and vit c as vit c loses its potency. It does take a while for the pigmentation to vanish completely but trust me it's worth it! I've attached a before and after drunk elephant picture of me so you can see the difference

Re: Skincare advice?!

try giving up dairy - my skin got better when I went vegan around your age, and I've heard other people say the same, so I think that's probably the easiest (and cheapest) thing to try first.  I also started taking a multi vitamin, and that seemed to help also.

RE: Skincare advice?!

Hey! I know the frustration can be so real! I don’t know what your regimen typically is or what products you use- I suggest starting with: 1.) a micellar water with a cotton round 2.)then a gel cleanser (for your more oily days) and something light and simple like Purity from Philosophy cleanser for more combo/dry days. 3.) I love REN “ready steady glow”! It’s good to use day and night and has ingredients that brighten and actively exfoliates/combats against aggressors to help unclog and fight against other things that would other wise clog your skin! 4.) look into the brand “the ordinary” for serums but absolutely include hyaluronic acid as your skin might just be attaching itself to oil and grease because it’s dehydrated and the hyaluronic acid will essentially quench its thirst. Use pore strips two times a week, facial steaming will also probably benefit you for pores that are stubborn and stay clogged! (I got mine for $30 off amazon) The BEST thing I’ve ever started to do for my skin after showers and washing my face is using an ice cube and rubbing my entire face and neck with it as it closes pores that are freshly cleanser and open due to the warm water. It feels amaaaazing and my skin is so much more clear! Use a different moisturizing day and night - it makes such a difference for my combo skin! And over night masks and sheet masks are your friends also! I hope this helps.
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