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Skincare Routine

Hi. Im 19 years old with oily skin that gets dehydrated sometimes. I always have a few blemishes on my face and a dull complexion with slightly enlarged pores on and around my nose. I also have some red/dark spots around my face that previous blemishes left behind. I am looking for a good skincare routine that will help me deal with all the above mentioned problems and give me blemish free radiant skin with no make up.

Re: Skincare Routine

Ahaha, I guess this is one thing were we'd agree to disagree. Boscia is great for lightweight hydration. However, I'm not a fan of their black line with gold shimmer in the gel, and the black mask have such a strong fragrance that my eyes watered and hurt the whole time I have it on. I do enjoyed all their other products, so I would recommend Boscia oil-free line. And if you want a peel-off mask, I would recommend Sekkisei Kose Mask White (white because it supposedly whitens. It's out way before Boscia, you can feel the skin drinking it up nicely, and the peeling power's a tad stronger and it's a tad drier than Boscia). True Blue Spa Blackberry mask is another dupe with gentler peeling power. I've been trying every kind of peel-off mask I can get my hands on in the last 5 yrs, and Sekkisei Kose is non-negotiable for the peeling/cleaning power.


If you don't have a big problem with your current skincare regimen, I would suggest add some kind of enzyme mask or peel to your current routine. Origins Brighter by Nature peel pads is my favorite for smooth/even/soft skin (their Make a Difference moisturizer is for dehydrated skin). Just substitute your toner with the peel pad once or twice a week at night, and you will notice a difference. If you like Ole Henriksen, their blue/blackberry enzyme mask is a gentle one.


Like Beautylovingirl said, drink more water (or pure coconut water for more hydration in less liquid, not coconut milk or the sweetened kind). I also carry a facial spray with me all the time and spritz on my face when it's really dry. If your room is dry, try adding a humidifier for night use.

Re: Skincare Routine

@beautytester-But that 's you , the original poster doesn't have sensitive skin and maybe you do, The Boscia black line covers every concern she posted, and the luminizing mask will give her the radiance she is wanting. Agree/Disagree 1-800-WHATEVES!Smiley Happy

Re: Skincare Routine

Like I said, agree to disagree. Clinique is widely known as safe for all skin and I personally like them, but a couple people on here have spoken before about it irritating their skin, so I keep that in mind when making recommendations. Out of all the skincare products I've tried in the past ~3 years (I try 2-4 new ones every month), I've only been irritated by 3 or 4 products ever and this is one of them (I do not have sensitive skin, but do know when/if my skin is sensitive, and I don't base recommendations on just one try to make sure the effect is not due to skin condition). I think it is due to the strong fragrance, which might also not be good for young skin. I'm not saying you are wrong, just bringing up a possible concern, especially since many negative reviews for that mask stated the same problem. Boscia black is not the only line that addresses all those concerns and if she have same problem as me, I just provided some other alternatives. That is all.

Re: Skincare Routine

 Ok but that's you, and I'm not the one who commented on anything, it's not about who's right or wrong, it's about sticking to what the poster ask and everyone giving their own opinion. I worked for a dermatologist for 12 years, so I recommend products that have been used in office or by the esthetician in that office and that came back with good results on the types of skin conditions that the posters say that have,so I have to say the recommendations that I pass on are from the 12 years that I saw every type of skin condition there is, was and will ever be so yeah Agree/Disagree. WHATEVESSmiley Happy

Re: Skincare Routine

I would suggest the whole line of the Boscia black detoxifying line, everything is put in to one routine so there is no confusion.Also be sure to purchase the luminizing mask along with the other products suggested for that line. For the dehyrdration you need to add at least 8 glasses of water to your day, dehydration has to be fixed from the inside.Also another suggestion would be the Murad Acne Complex line. You can research both to see what fits you best. Hope this helps!

Re: Skincare Routine

Hi, AlyshaA! What skin care products do you currently use and what's your skin care regimen look like?


Give us a comprehensive list and detailing of your routine so we can get an idea of what you're wanting to switch from, and please include if you have any preferences for items being paraben free, natural, any medicated treatments you may be on from the doctor/dermatologist, and what products/ingredients you may be sensitive or allergic to.

Re: Skincare Routine

I am currently using Ole Henriksen cleanser, toner, and mositurizer for oily and blemish prone skin morning and night. I also use Ole Henriksen invigorating gel before the moisturizer at night.


I don't think i'm allergic or sensitive to anything and don't really have any preferences, will go with anything that will give me flawless skin

Re: Skincare Routine

Ole Henriksen's Invigorating Night Gel might help you out if you aren't already using it.  It helps to fade acne scars and brighten your skin overall.  For a quick pick me up, Bliss Spa's Triple Oxygen Mask will help brighten up your face in the mornings.  You can use it up to 3x a week, but it is a temporary fix (lasts 6-8 hrs)

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