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Skincare Routine of the Day

This is a place to share your skincare routine of the day!  Whether it be daytime routine or nighttime routine, I know you have one.  From simple to complex, expensive to inexpensive products: show and tell! If you are anything like me, your skincare routine changes daily. Skincare isn't as showy as makeup, but it is the quiet work horse of our daily lives. 20200118_005115.jpg


You might want to include with your post: your skin type, skin concerns (& the weather where you are).

Sometimes if all you can do is your skincare, that is enough.

Re: Skincare Routine of the Day

Thank you @l8totheparty! I do love how the Hydrextreme feels and has helped speed up on my skin’s restorative process. It is going to be a staple in my night routine. I am focusing now on how I can provide better exterior nutritive care to my skin, and the Consonant’s two-ingredient list is a major plus!

Re: Skincare Routine of the Day

Thanks for sharing, @eshoe !

RE: Skincare Routine of the Day

I love any drunk elephant product . I use the baby facial and the recommended hydrating cream . I also love the Aztec secret Indian healing clay . It healed my moms surgery scars and my acne scars over the course of 4 weeks 2 days per week use. It does dry out my skin and leaves it red for the day after using it. Not recommended for sensitive skin . A plus : my face was super soft after one use. If anyone gives it a try let me know how you liked it .

Re: RE: Skincare Routine of the Day

@AutumnMarieGrin  I’ve never used the Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay mask on my face, but I’ve patch tested it for a few weeks on my wrist. I tried it a few times with apple cider vinegar and a few more with water. The good news: it did reduce the look of a scar on that wrist and softened up that skin, once I figured out how quickly I needed to rinse it off. 


The bad news: adjustments of liquid and time to avoid redness were a painful hassle. To use this on my face, I’d have to wash it off around 3-5 minutes and immediately follow with a hydrating/moisturizing product—and I do mean immediately, as in “after your final rinse, you have 0.5 seconds to apply a hydrating [toner/essence or lots of mist] or your face will throw a red flaky tantrum.” I’ve yet to be brave enough to try it on my face. 


My skin’s not highly sensitive, but it is finicky and hates some ingredients that work wonders for other folks. It’s also mostly-dry combo. This wouldn’t be the first clay mask my dry zones have ever had trouble with. But yeah, I agree with you: not recommended for sensitive skin. And I’d advise anyone with dry skin to be careful with this stuff: patch test and figure out how long you can leave it on your skin before putting it all over your face. 

Re: RE: Skincare Routine of the Day

Those results from the Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay sound wonderful @AutumnMarieGrin. My skin can be sensitive but I’m thinking I might give it a try and use it as a spot treatment on a couple of surgery scars, and following it up with hydrating mask all over my face.

Re: RE: Skincare Routine of the Day

@itsfi  Let me know how it goes with the clay. I had bought it but then gave it to my niece who had acne so never used it.

Re: RE: Skincare Routine of the Day

Will do @naturalooks15. I feel like at one point, I had a mini / travel size of the mask in one of my bins. Going to have to dig for it one of these days. The price point on the full size is good but there’s just so much product in there. 

Re: Skincare Routine of the Day

I keep falling asleep before posting my nighttime routine. 😴💤🛌 and no pictures because the products are spread throughout our apartment and I'm too lazy to gather, lol.


No make up, normal ish skin (except a few weeks post overexfoliation moisture barrier breakdown), humid ish weather.


Origins Original Skin™ Cleansing Makeup Removing Jelly with Willowherb

SEPHORA COLLECTION Triple Action Cleansing Water 200ml / 6.76 fl oz

Shiseido Facial Cotton 165 sheets

Origins Original Skin™ Retexturizing Mask with Rose Clay 2.5 oz/ 75 mL

OLEHENRIKSEN Glow Cycle Retin-ALT Power Serum

Caudalie Premier Cru Anti-Aging Eye Cream

Shiseido Benefiance Wrinkle Smoothing Cream 1.7 oz/ 50 mL

BITE Agave Lip Mask old-school version

Summer Fridays Jet Lag Mask Mini 1 oz/ 28 g


Re: Skincare Routine of the Day

@haleyvvvv, nice to see the Origins jelly cleanser in your lineup. It has such a cool, refreshing and fresh feel and scent to it. 

Re: Skincare Routine of the Day

It's a good clean cleansing jelly, @itsfi! I think I prefer the Farmacy Green balm but this is a good option!

Re: Skincare Routine of the Day

The Farmacy balm is such a good one @haleyvvvv! I like using the Origins as a follow up to it when double cleansing.

Re: Skincare Routine of the Day

Tonight's routine:

Skin: fairly normal, weather: cold20200121_012522.jpg




Re: Skincare Routine of the Day

@l8totheparty  great line up! 

Re: Skincare Routine of the Day

Thanks, @lmaster 

Re: Skincare Routine of the Day

Ooooh... SK-II @l8totheparty I recently read somewhere about couple of celebrities who swear by it. I do not want to fall in love with that thing as it’s so expensive 😀 

have you noticed specific difference just from the essence?

Re: Skincare Routine of the Day

I will let you know the further into my bottle I get. @naturalooks15 

Re: Skincare Routine of the Day

Thanks @l8totheparty 

Re: Skincare Routine of the Day

Oooh, the SK-II essence is so nice @l8totheparty

Re: Skincare Routine of the Day

I love the Shiseido Benefiance line! Is that the eye cream? Did you star that @l8totheparty?

Re: Skincare Routine of the Day

Yes! I love how moisturizing it is in the winter. I swear I wake up and my undereyes feel super hydrated and moisturized.  @haleyvvvv 


Re: Skincare Routine of the Day

That's how my face feels after the night cream!! @l8totheparty

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