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Skincare Problem Solving

I just started a new skincare regimen and my skin was looking great, but now I'm a little broken out.  Nothing too crazy, just little red bumps where I literally never break out, and my new glowy skin is a little red now.

I'm trying to figure out which product it is that's breaking me out, but I'm not sure how...?  Should I stop using everything and then add one thing back in at a time every week or two?  Or should I stop using the things I feel are the most likely suspects to see if the problem clears up?

Re: Skincare Problem Solving

I use a cleansing oil, foaming face wash, under eye cream, hyaluronic acid, and chia seed oil at night.  In the morning I use the same foaming face wash, a hydrating mist, the same under eye cream, moisturizer, and sunscreen.  Once a week I use the ordinary peeling solution, and a few days later I use a charcoal face mask.  I suspect there charcoal mask or the mist, bc those were the last things I incorporated into my routine.  I started using them all at once over the course of a week or two bc I had a different routine that wasn’t super great lol.

Re: Skincare Problem Solving

@GalacticCat  Without knowing the brand+product names of each product you use, I’ll suggest you stop using The Ordinary’s peel (it’s pretty strong, especially for folks who’ve never used an AHA exfoliant before) for a few weeks, or at least until your redness calms down. Red skin is not a sign of purging. It’s often a sign of irritation. Since I don’t know the ingredients in your other products, I have to consider the AHA exfoliant might be a culprit.


Could also be that you started everything at once. Or your skin might’ve been cranky for weeks before you switched  all your products, but showed no visible signs of irritation until now. A recent change in diet could cause new bumps; happens to me whenever I eat more dairy (cheese and ice cream, in my case) than usual. 

Do you normally have oily skin? If not, try skipping your morning wash, or use a gentler cleanser in the morning. Your current cleanser might be too much for your skin to handle twice a day. I have combo skin and can’t get away with washing just once a day, so I use a gentle hydrating cream cleanser in the morning and a hydrating gel cleanser at night. 

Re: Skincare Problem Solving

Thanks for tips on the AHA, I was wondering if that might be the issue.

Well, I'll tell you I use Biossance Cleansing Oil, Kiehl's Ultra Facial Cleanser, The Inkey List Hyaluronic Acid, Kiehl's Dark Circle Reducing Serum, and Cocokind Chia Seed Oil for nighttime.  In the morning, I use the Kiehl's Facial Cleanser again, The Kiehl's Dark Circle Reducing Serum again, Glow Recipe's Watermelon Moisturizer, and Supergoop Matte Sunscreen.  Other than those, the facial peel and I also got a sample of Fresh's Umbrian mask, which I haven't used yet.

Re: Skincare Problem Solving

Are you using an exfoliant, retinol, or another ingredient that would claim to “clear your skin?”  You may be purging. When you use products that make your skin turn over quicker that means the blemishes you have Underneath the surface of your skin are coming up quicker. 
If it hurts or aren’t using sensitizing products, you may just have a a slight reaction to it. 

Re: Skincare Problem Solving

I’m not using any retinol stuff, I do have a mask and the peeling solution and I know those could be harsh

Re: Skincare Problem Solving

@GalacticCat If you started everything at the same time, unfortunately there's no definitive way to tell which product is causing the issue. What products are you using? Best practice with new items is to start one at a time and wait about 2 weeks before starting the next item.


Re: Skincare Problem Solving

Hi! Licensed esthetician here! How long has it been since you started your new regimen? Also are you using entirely new products? 

Re: Skincare Problem Solving

There is one product I used before and the others are all new.  I started using them over about a two week period (as I did research and acquired them).  I switched out Tower 28’s Save our Skin for Youth to the People’s Peptide spray, as well as Origins’ Charcoal Mask, for Fresh’s Umbrian clay mask.  I haven’t used the Umbrian mask yet, but I was told it wouldn’t be as stripping on my skin than the charcoal might.

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