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Skincare Clueless

Hello! I am looking to get into a morning and nightly skincare routine and I have no idea where to start. Generally speaking I always take off my makeup and moisturize, but that's it. What should I do and when??? There are so many products I have nooooo idea what to go for. I am very fair skinned with a tendency to get red and dry. My t-zone will occasionally give me trouble (especially my chin) and my nose gets oily throughout the day but acne isn't a regular issue. Any tips on how to get started?

Re: Skincare Clueless

I love the Khiels serums (both day and evening)!

Re: Skincare Clueless

I love the Khiels serums (both day and evening)!

If you look at the blog from caroline hirons on the web,...

If you look at the blog from caroline hirons on the web, she has cheat sheets for skin care based on skin type. She's been in the industry forever and thinks face wipes are evil.

Re: Skincare Clueless

@Cassiopeia32 There are a few really great threads that have TONS of skincare information. 


The first thread is a great way to see what everyone is using a regular basis; you get a snap shot of routines and products that work for all different BIC's.


The next thread is a great resource for skincare questions and answers, it's one of my favorite threads.


And if you're into more natural/green skincare:

Re: Skincare Clueless

Hi @Cassiopeia32!


We have a number of skincare threads that can help answer your questions.  Most notably the Skin Care Discussion thread here:


and a Daily Skincare thread where some of our skin care aficionados share their routines and tips:


I encourage you to browse those threads and use the search bar on the home page to access the wealth of information within the community.

Re: Skincare Clueless

@ElleElleG Jinx! 🙂 @Cassiopeia32, what she said 🙂

Re: Skincare Clueless

@MissPuff Great minds my dear, great minds 😉

Re: Skincare Clueless


What I recommend is a Mario Badescu skin care routine: for blemishes in your t-zone (specially the chin) use the drying lotion, for moisturizing the facial spray with aloe, herbs and rosewater, and as a toner the aloe vera toner. The drying lotion I recommend for you to use it at night, while the facial spray you can use it throughout the day to keep your skin moisturized, and even after makeup for a dewy look.




Re: Skincare Clueless

This is what I'm going to try first, thanks!

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