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 I was wanting advice on what products to use. I can't find it anywhere on the website, and the FAQ isn't very helpful. I have combination/mostly oily skin, with some acne: I am 24.

I was really wanting to try some sort of a peel since maybe my skin just needs something "stronger" to reduce the acne but definitely not a real chemical peel, perhaps the Ole Henriksen Lemon Strip. At one point I saw a product that had to be used for about a week, then stopped for 2 (or maybe the other way around) then started again. I forgot what it was though.

I also looked at the Ole Henriksen Seven Skincare Sensation. But I don't know. I just want something that would help my skin and am looking for suggestions. There are tons of tips out there for teens and the 30+ crowd, but nothing in-between.Thanks!

Hey there!   For combination/oily skin with occassion acn...

Hey there!


For combination/oily skin with occassion acne/blemishes, here's a quick break down:


-Cleansers, for oily/combo skin, try using a gel or foam cleanser. Creamy cleansers will take longer to emulsify and might not break down oil as well/as fast if you're not taking the time to massage in the cleanser. Gels and foams penetrate oil easier to make washing more effective and less work. Try looking into Anthony Logistics or Peter Thomas Roth, AL (though targetted for men, it works well for women too) has a gylcolic acid face wash (fruit sugars that gently brighten, exfoliate and even the skin tone) that's a gel/cream combination and PTR has their anti-aging gel cleanser with glycolic and beta hydroxy acids (fruit sugars and salicylic acid). Both are great to start stepping into caring for skin and fighting off precursors to aging but still being gentle and very stimulating


-Treatments, do you have any specific skin issues you want to address? With the occassion blemish or acne break out, use a salicylic based product as it helps to chemically exfoliate dead skin to help unclog pores and calm down pimples without using a physical exfoliant (like sugar, salt, or crushed fruit seed powder) which can be harsh and scratch at your delicate skin. Salicylic acid (also known as beta hydroxy acid) helps to also remove bacteria that can be lingering on skin that when mixed with natural oils can cause more break outs. Sulphur is another ingredient used in acne spot treatment products (Murad, Dermalogica, and Bare Minerals) that help to instanteously dry out whiteheads and blemishes, apply just once a day for starters as to not over-dry your skin, see how your skin reacts and it's tolerance to the product. In addition to your acne, try Ole Heriksen's serum, it contains vitamin C (which helps brighten age/sun spots, acne scars, evens skin tone) and humectants that promote collagen regeneration and combats/plumps up any areas with fine lines. You don't have to go into full blown retinol useage yet, but vitamin C packs a punch to fight oxidative damage and preserves skin's elasticity.


-Moisturizer, use a light weight, oil free lotion or gel moisturizer to prevent layering on a moisturizer that is too heavy. If the winter time tends to dry your skin you, use a cream, but at night only. Always be sure to use an SPF, at the bare minimum a 15, but better if you can get a 30. I love CeraVe (it's ceramide and humectant rich, which binds healthy moisture to skin) and they have day and night formulas. Boscia also has a gel based moisturizer (in their black line) that helps with oil control.


-Eye cream, there are many ingredients you can look for depending on your concern. If it's loss of elasticity/firmness, try finding something with peptides (which plump and fill in gaps to ensure skin is taunt and firm), if it's dark circles try looking for something with vitamin K (helps repair leaky blood vessels), if dryness/tiredness is a concern try looking for cucumber extract or caffeine (also helps with puffiness as it helps with water drainage and temporarily tightens the under eye area).


-Kits/peels, try looking into Philisophy's Microdelivery Peel or the Oxygen Peel, both are very gentle and effective.


Feel free to personal message me if you have questions!

I have some occasional acne and the Clarisonic did wonder...

I have some occasional acne and the Clarisonic did wonders for helps my pores and breakouts.

I have had so many skin problems it's ridiculous. And I'v...

I have had so many skin problems it's ridiculous. And I've tried so many different products that I could never name them all. Right now I am one Murad and It is really improving my skin. I suggest you find the line that works best with your skin problems and try it out. My trial kit only cost me $30. If not I've heard great things about clarasonic! But that's definitely an investment! Good Luck!

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