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Skincare 101: Discussions, Questions and All

This is a place to discuss everything skincare.


- Have a question about a product (Or type of product)

- Need recommendations

- Learned a new tip or trick you want to share with fellow skincare junkies

- New to skincare and lost about where to start

- Have a skincare emergency ( Bad reaction, broken dropper, lost lid of a jar)


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We have some great thread about skincare but I feel we don't have a general place to discuss skincare which is open for everything from lowend products to luxury skincare. 


Other skincare threads you may like to explore




Re: Skincare 101: Discussions, Questions and All

@KellW - are you looking for a physical or a chemical exfoliator? I have similar skin as yours and I really like the Amorepacific treatment enzyme peel. It has papaya enzymes in it. Also I would suggest going over to Beautylishdotcom and checking out The Ordinary line. I really like their hyaluronic acid 2% Tongue232931

As far as moisturizers I really like Fresh's line of gel moisturizers. They recently put out a new one that I've been wanting to try. There is also the new Peter Thomas Roth cloud cream. Tongue Tongue406...

Re: Skincare 101: Discussions, Questions and All



I'm in desperate need of some advice. I've never suffered from sensitive skin and never struggled with trying new products. However, it seems that after using the Foreo Luna mini 2, whenever I try a new cleanser, my face freaks out and breaks out in a rash. My usual cleanser is the Korres Greek Yoghurt Cream Cleanser but so far I've gotten a rash with the Purity 3 in 1, and Clinique Sonic Cleanser (I think it's called). I never really minded too much with those two samples, but I just purchased the Youth to the People Age Prevention Superfood Cleanser and it's happened again. Smiley Sad It's quite disappointing to me just because I really had high hopes for this cleanser considering how natural its ingredients are. 

Has anyone else experienced increased sensitivity after using the Foreo Luna collection?

Re: Skincare 101: Discussions, Questions and All

@claudez I use my Foreo mini (first one) almost every day, once a day. I haven't noticed any irritation from using it, and it's been two years. I use very simple gentle cleansers (FAB, Cetaphil, Neutrogena Ultra Gentle). That being said, I avoid using it over irritated areas (spots I've picked at, sunburn) or when I've used a chemical exfoliant recently. You could try using it every other day and using the lowest (most gentle) speed and see if that solves the issue.

Re: Skincare 101: Discussions, Questions and All

Hi @claudez I haven't used Foreo Luna so I'm not sure how much physical exfoliation it provides so may be discontinue it's use for now until your skin gets back to normal and then reintroduce once or twice a week only. As for Cleanser, I also bought the YTTP Cleanser after reading the reviews but Skin didn't like it. I doesn't necessarily means that it isn't a good Cleanser. It just isn't for us, so try some gentle Cleanser maybe cleansing milk? It is a good idea to get samples of a few if you have a store near you. For I me I think Cleanser is one thing I can tell if my skin likes it or not after a single use. 

Re: Skincare 101: Discussions, Questions and All

Hi! Im interested in trying Drunk Elephant. Do you guys think The Littles set is worth it? 


Right now I only cleanse, exfoliate and moisturize (but with aveeno only). 


OR Im debating on just getting the full sized La la cream and then the mini duo of the peke/juju bars. 


I'm 26. Normal skin mostly. Drier in the winter and oilier in the summer. No acne but I have eczema (on my body not face). 


I'm curious about serums and treatments. Are they something I need to start implementing?

Re: Skincare 101: Discussions, Questions and All

@ayeshayh Is that the set for $90 US?  The link isn't working for me but if it's the same as the one on the DE website, I personally don't think it's worth it. The sample sizes are pretty small for figuring out if they work for you or not. My vote would be to go with lala retro and the mini cleanser duo to start and then find a Sephora that carries the brand and ask for samples of the Vitamin C and Glycolic Serums. The vitamin C serum is more gentle but it didn't do much for me so my personal recommendation would be for the glycolic serum if your skin can tolerate exfoliation.


I personally haven't tried the cleansers because I don't like bar cleansers even though I know DE's are well-formulated.  I find that I can get away with several other gentle cleansers. However the mini duo set sounds like a good option if you want to try both.


I'm a really big fan of the brand and love that they don't include silicone or fragrance.  They also have excellent customer service responses so feel free to contact them directly if you have any questions.  

Re: Skincare 101: Discussions, Questions and All

Do you like the La la moisturizer? 

Re: Skincare 101: Discussions, Questions and All

@ayeshayh I love Lala Retro!  It keeps my skin so well moisturized and I love that it's in an airless pump. I have B-Hydra too and I like the lightweight texture, but I don't think I really need it.  My skin is dry to normal so B-Hydra isn't enough moisture on it's own and it's nice under Lala Retro but probably not necessary.

Re: Skincare 101: Discussions, Questions and All

Thank you so much! Thats really helpful. And Yeah the set is $100 CAD Smiley Indifferent 

Re: Skincare 101: Discussions, Questions and All

Does anyone know if Sunday Riley Luna Oil and Good Genes can be replaced with anything from Decium? Wishful thinking maybe but...

Re: Skincare 101: Discussions, Questions and All

Hi @ChristalM the ordinary retinoid 2% is a dupe for SR luna and for me it works better! Hope it's help Smiley Happy

Re: Skincare 101: Discussions, Questions and All

@ChristalM I'm not sure about Luna Oil, but Tracy at the fanserviced-b blog reviewed 17 lactic acid products hoping to find a dupe for Good Genes. A few of them sound promising!

Re: Skincare 101: Discussions, Questions and All

@JenniferOhJenny Thanks! I will check that out!

Re: Skincare 101: Discussions, Questions and All

You're welcome - I hope you find something!

Re: Skincare 101: Discussions, Questions and All

Lately I'm getting tiny rough patches exactly where my glasses rest on the bridge of my nose. Is there anything I can do about it? I never had this issue with my old glasses, but I can't switch back because my prescription changed.

RE: Re: Skincare 101: Discussions, Questions and All

Same here! I thought it may be because I moved a few months ago to a drier climate. I have had good success clearing it up over the last two weeks by 1. Not putting any of my serums on that area. I originally blamed it on my switch from OH truth serum to Drunk Elephant vitamin c because the DE seemed stronger. True or not I keep everything except my cleanser and sunblock away when applying to my face. 2. I add antibiotic ointment for scars Morning and night. The ointment vs cream makes sure the area is hydrated and I use the kind for scars in hopes of avoiding any discoloration. So far so good. The flaking and patchiness are completely gone but I still do it at least once a day because I came to believe my glasses were a contributing factor since they are rougher than silicon nose pads and I fear it can come back. I wear Prada resin frames. Good luck!

Re: Skincare 101: Discussions, Questions and All

Do you have an allergy to the material?

Re: Skincare 101: Discussions, Questions and All

No, the new glasses are made from the same sort of resin/plastic as the old pair (at least I think so since the same parent company makes both and it looks like the same material). I just switched from Prada baroque frames to Miu Miu rasoir frames. 


They even rest on approximately the same area of my nose.


My skincare regimen has changed a little bit, but I'm not getting roughness anywhere else.

Re: Skincare 101: Discussions, Questions and All

So for the last 2-3 weeks I have been using Sunday Riley products. I have oily acne prone skin. I get hormonal acne on my jawline and cheeks. I have a lot of dark spots from healed acne. 


Night time: Murad clarifying cleanser, Sunday Riley Luna, Good Genes, Sunday Riley new brightening serum and Tidal.


Morning: Murad clarifying cleanser, Sunday Riley UFO (if needed), Good Genes, Sunday Riley new brightening serum, Murad essenital c moisturizer with spf 30. 


My skin has cleared up. no new breakouts and my dark spots are about 50-75% lighter! im so happy!


Also, i noticed that my pores are tighter. I'm starting to look like a walking ilter. I am so thankful for sunday's products. i hate the price tag tho 

Re: Skincare 101: Discussions, Questions and All

So I have literally all the of the same skin concerns that you listed above, and I desperately want to try all of the Sunday Riley products but cant't really afford that price tag, like you said. Of all the stuff you've been using, which has been the most effective/which would you recommend, especially in clearing up those scars (my main concern rn)?

Re: Skincare 101: Discussions, Questions and All

Every so often the skin right around my mouth has a small breakout. Not in a consistent place, and usually 1-2 small spots at a time. They take forever to clear up- even after the little bump subsides (usually in a day or so) that skin remains red and dry, especially right near the corners of my mouth. That can last weeks and leaves behind hyperpigmentation when it does heal. I almost never have breakouts anywhere else on my face.


Any thoughts on how to avoid/treat/mitigate?