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Skin problems, please advise!

I've been suffering from a couple of skin problems for months. They're not serious enough to take to a dermatologist, but they're annoying/distracting enough to affect my daily routine. I haven't had these problems before, so if any fellow BTers are familiar with what I have, please give me recommendations! Smiley Sad


First, I have very dry, slightly scaly, hyperpigmented patches on my legs. The hair follicles (I think) are swollen, so my legs feel like hard chicken skin. When I exfoliate the chicken skin, the bumps scab over but heal to reveal more chicken skin. Also, I haven't been able to shave or properly exfoliate for months because the irritation will flare up. 


Second, my neck and jawline have very dry and itchy patches. I moisturize/exfoliate to no effect. There's no sensitivity or irritation, but some redness and discoloration. 


Third, some mixture of the first two problems are on other parts of my body, like my fingers and arms. 


I've tried different moisturizers, different body washes, more/less exfoliation, yogurt, and Epsom salts. The only thing that has worked was Josie Maran's whipped argan hand cream on my fingers, but it doesn't work anywhere else. Please help!!

Re: Skin problems, please advise!

I agree that your problems sound serious enough that you should see a doctor.  The cost and time may even be less than trying a bunch of different products.  You could have an allergy or a deficiency and a doctor can help sort this our and advise you on what you should use/not use.

Re: Skin problems, please advise!

There's a difference between allergies and sensitivities. I'm not allergic to anything but I'm sensitive to a lot of stuff. Including wheat, gluten, soy, rice, eggs, dairy... and the list goes on. All these sensitivities brought on various problems. One of which was eczema. You eliminate the triggers you eliminate the problems. I did many test and the last one was a blood test especially designed for food sensitivities not allergies. It was pretty expensive.  Later on I met a top-notch nutritionist who told me the best way to figure it out is eliminating the foods for 30 days and on day 31 try and see what it does.  She's awesome and currently has a cookbook out.  It's healthy delicious food. =)


I have KP and it's not necessarily grains but any food that causes inflammation in the body. Wheat, gluten and dairy are the biggest ones. Although some of the most common grains will cause inflammation because they have been manipulated so much.  Like wheat.  It's been manipulated so much that it's gluten content has risen to a very high level.  Mind you this is not the case in all countries.  Some countries have very very strict laws.


I stay away from everything or almost everything I have a sensitivity to and feel much better. My KP is also better.  I also use natural skin care brands as much as possible so I don't irate it more.  Hand made soaps.  Things like that. Dove isn't soap. Smiley Wink


And for anyone trying to go gluten free not all products out there are good for you.  Many companies will market their food as gluten free but it doesn't mean it's good.  You should always read the label and stay away from refined sugars and white rice flours.



Re: Skin problems, please advise!

Agreed! There's a big difference between celiac, gluten intolerance & gluten sensitivity. 

My boyfriend's coworker thinks she's sensitive to gluten so she always informs people that she's gluten-free. She gets slightly bloated if she eats a bagel. LOL 


Re: Skin problems, please advise!

Thank you veronika23 and dannyc! Even though it might not be allergies per se, I think it might be a sensitivity to something. I just have to figure out what! I'll definitely check my diet for foods to eliminate. 

Re: Skin problems, please advise!

Yes, gluten is not a product found in meat so your vegan diet is probably not eliminating this factor- Keratosis is normally caused by a grain intolerance. It is going to be up to you to decide and do some research on the subject so best of luck. Let us know if you find something that works. 

Re: Skin problems, please advise!

I recently was having a lot of issues where I shave, such as under my arms and my legs.  Itchy and bumpy, and once the irritation starts, it's really hard to get it to stop.


I started shaving with coconut oil and that has helped a lot.  I also got First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream which is a super skin-calmer, that has helped a lot too.  On weekends I use a natural deodorant (no anti-antiperspirant, trying to get things calmed down).  I won't say it doesn't itch or get bumpy still, but it has improved a lot.


My dermatologist told me try not to use really hot water when shaving, and that sometimes there could be reactions to laundry detergents or other products, to try to rule things out.


Good luck, I hope you are able to find a solution. Smiley Happy

Re: Skin problems, please advise!

Thanks! I can't use the FAB cream because it has dimethicone in it, but I'll try to not use hot water and look at other factors. 

Re: Skin problems, please advise!

Thanks, everyone!


I can rule out allergies because I've tried a vegan diet for a while, with no improvement skin-wise. Phew! No food allergies. 


I will definitely consult with a doctor about my skin, because my symptoms do sound like keratosis pilaris. Which sucks.


But I'm happy that you wonderful BTers have helped me with this stressful problem! Smiley Very Happy <3

Re: Skin problems, please advise!

You say you're vegan, but do you still eat gluten? Gluten can cause acne in those who are gluten sensitive. 

I would still get an allergy test done. 

One of my friends is ultra sensitive, she would get rashes on her hands and face & could never figure out why. She finally went to an allergist... she's allergic to metal, fragrance & gluten. She takes steroids to get it under control, but basically if she touches a door knob and then her face, she might get a small rash. If her toothpaste dripped on her chin, she'd get a breakout... 

I know this is all extreme, but she thought she had eczema & was using the wrong creams to try to treat herself, she was making it worse.  

Re: Skin problems, please advise!

This has me worried... I had an allergy test done when I was little, and I was told I luckily had no allergies to anything (common foods and environmental triggers). Can I develop allergies later? 


Also, when I was vegan, I ate whole grains, which included rice and whole wheat.

Re: Skin problems, please advise!

Girl I feel your pain about the leg problems. I suffer from them too. It's actually a skin condition which supposedly 1/3 people suffer from called Keratosis pilaris. I found this out when I was trying to figure out what was wrong with my skin. I have it on the back of my arms to Smiley Sad Actually talking to a doctor would help. There are actually creams that can reduce the redness and irritation. Talk to a dermatologist! I spoke to one and she gave me a topical cream.


As for the dry itchy patches I used to have them all over my face when I used harsh products for my breakouts which dried my skin till it was flaky! I used argan oil every night and woke up to better skin. Use it for a couple of days...a week or two and you will def see changes. As for it being itchy I think you might have an allergy to a product or even food.

Re: Skin problems, please advise!

I developed some itchy red bumps on my face and arms a few months ago. They come and go and are generally annoying. I did go see my doctor and he recommended some otc remedies to try. With something like this, I would suggest seeing a doctor to rule out certain conditions and allergies before using more and more products that could potentially worsen your condition. Even if it is nothing major, peace of mind is priceless. It could be something that could be easily treated by something like hydrocortisone. You really need to try to determine the cause rather than randomly treat symptoms. Best of luck to you!

Re: Skin problems, please advise!

it sounds like a food allergy to me. It's a simple blood test ask your dr. to refer u to an allergist or idk.. if you eat a lot of refined sugar this can happen. My son is intolerant to wheat and corn and if he eats a lot his skin gets like this; the only thing he can do to clear it up is avoid the triggers. Hope this helps

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