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Skin care routine

How many steps are in your morning skin care routine and how long does it take?



Re: Skin care routine

Wash, toner, moisturizing serum, vit.c , cream and cc. Not more than 10 min . Sine most of the week I don’t wear makeup 

Re: Skin care routine

@CorgiMommy  Here's my usual AM routine for my mostly-dry combo skin. Takes 5 to 8 minutes. 



  1. "Wash" 
  2. Treat 
  3. Moisturize 
  4. Sunscreen 


Detailed version: 
  1. "Wash" (daily) - in quotes because I often don't use a cleanser in the morning. Instead I gently wipe my face down with a wet plush microfiber cloth, and usually just around my eyes. If I do need an AM wash, I use a cleansing balm or very gentle non-lathering cream cleanser—and only on parts of my face that need it. 

  2. Treat (daily) - The Ordinary Buffet (or whatever it's called now) and/or Hyper Clear serum. Former's for hydration and peptides boost. Latter's for hyperpigmentation. Some mornings, this step is a sheet mask. Or it can be an anti-inflammatory/redness serum. Or if I remember, I'll use a 10% azelaic acid product in the AM (I always use it at night; trying to get into the habit of twice-daily use). Step 2 is quite variable, but I try to keep it short and simple. Oh, and I do usually apply The Ordinary argireline around my eyes, regardless of what else I use on my face. 

  3. Moisturize (daily in cold weather) - Vanicream Daily Facial Moisturizer. If I need protection from windburn and subzero chapping, I use a thick petrolatum-based balm (Aquaphor or CeraVe Healing Ointment) as a moisturizer. 

  4. Sunscreen (daily) - in warm weather, sunscreen often doubles as a moisturizer which saves me a step in my routine. But in cold weather, I need a separate moisturizer under my sunscreen. The only days I don't apply sunscreen are when I know I won't go outside or sit/stand near unblocked windows during daylight hours. 



Re: Skin care routine

@CorgiMommy - I keep it simple and short:  exfoliate, benzoyl peroxide, eye cream, and moisturizer; about 5 minutes.

Re: Skin care routine

@CorgiMommy I keep things simple in the morning.   Wash, mist, BHA, eye cream, moisturizer. 

Re: Skin care routine

That thread is way too long to read anything.  I was looking for a few ideas only.


Thanks for your help.  It is appreciated.  Anyone else out there with some suggestions?

Re: Skin care routine

Keep it simple- wash face with gentle cleanser in AM. Toner or essence for hydration ( you can add serum depending on skin needs) and moisturizer with SPF50. Some days I use under eye patches ( Skin Iceland brand) to brighten and hydrate under my eyes. 

Re: Skin care routine

@CorgiMommy you might like  Skincare Routine of the Day 


I simplified my morning routine. I used to have a more complicated routine, especially during the 10 step Korean Beauty phase on youtube,  but I was only doing them like half the time so I figured it was better to do something simple all the time than something complicated sometimes. 


My morning routine has 4-5 steps. Rinse face with water, eye cream, face serum (sometimes - right now my skin is very dry so I've mixed in a hydrating serum), moisturizer and spf. It takes me about 5-10 minutes. 

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