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Skin care--Body Edition!

Hi Beauties!! Everyone is so great at sharing secrets and product recommendations for faces. I think we need to share what we do for the rest of our body! Scrubs, cleansers, lotions, tips and tricks for the rest of our skin!

I love to use up samples of face creams, serums, etc. on my arms and hands. Things I am pretty sure will break me out  on my face will work great for my neglected appendages. I am also trying to be better about using sunscreen on my hands and arms. 

I use a body scrub a couple of times a week, and I love Korres procducts--very gentle and moisturizing, non-irritating, natural.  

Avon makes wonderful foot care products--their Pedi-Peel pads are a higher Glycolic acid and really smoothes out the skin on your feet. Great foot scrubs and the lotion isn't all slippery.

So, come on and share your loves for caring for the rest of you!

Re: Skin care--Body Edition!

Love Fresh's Brown Sugar Scrub. It rinses clean without any residue. But I also alternate that with Aveda's Soothing Aqua Therapy and CarribeanTherapy Body Scrub.  IT's like my own private spa experience each time I dip into that little tub of luxury!

Re: Skin care--Body Edition!

I know what you mean! I forgot about the True Blue Spa "Need a Margarita" scrub--smells like you are taking a shower in a margarita, and it leaves enough oils that you don't need lotion after.  It is a nice luxury isn't it!?  I haven't tried Aveda stuff yet...

Re: Skin care--Body Edition!

Yes! Oh that is heavenly! If you walk into their store, they usually offer you a sample of their tea to sip while you browse and a free hand massage if they are not too busy.  The last time they sat me down for a shoulder rub too in their massage chair!!!  Although their new line of stress-fix isnt' that relaxing for me.  That new scent is a bit heavy for what I consider to be pleasant. To each their own I guess.  


The other little thing I do to up the spa experience is put a drops of eucalytpus essential oil in the shower so the steam mimics my spa's steam roomSmiley Happy hmmmm 

Re: Skin care--Body Edition!

I read an article recently about anti aging for your hands. I never realized how much I neglect them! Good thing I'm not old enough for it to be noticeable. What anti- aging cream do you guys use? 

Re: Skin care--Body Edition!

I used to use the hand cream from Clinique but in an effort to streamline my products a bit I use the same sunscreen on my face than I do on my hands.  It's SPF 50 and non greasy. (Shiseidos Ultra Lotion)  Frankly, I believe sun protection is the best anti-aging you can do to prevent those so-called liver spots on the back of your hands.

Re: Skin care--Body Edition!

I have really been enjoying this lavender salt scrub from Trader Joes for my body.  It has essential oils in it and it leaves my skin super soft and smooth!  Plus, its only $6 for decent sized tub of it!


lavender salt scrub.jpg


lavender salt scrub2.jpg



Re: Skin care--Body Edition!

I've looked at that but never bit the bullet.  Do you find it makes the tub greasy?

Re: Skin care--Body Edition!

nope, I dont find it makes the tub greasy at all!

Re: Skin care--Body Edition!

Cool, I'll pick it up next time I buy groceries!

Re: Skin care--Body Edition!

I love St Ives Apricot Scrub for my body.  I use the medicated for acne one all over my back and chest.  

For lotion, I like the Rosehip one from Nuance Salma Hayek.  It's so light and fast-absorbing.  They make a Cocoa-Coffee firming body cream too that I want to try.  

CND Cucumber Heel Therapy is worth every penny.  A little goes a long way and I use it on my feet, legs, hands and arms.  It seriously softens callouses, soothes shaving irritation, and heals chapped hands but it isn't even greasy.  It really smells like fresh cucumbers, not at all overpowering.  

Re: Skin care--Body Edition!

Thank you for this thread! I can do all kinds of stuff for my face and know all the tips, tricks and secrets there, but when it comes to body skin, I'm at a bit of a loss. Right now I'm using the Soap&Glory Scrub, which I quite like, and then I'm using their Cream body wash as well, and their lotion, but I'm looking to expand my body care line, so keep suggestions coming!

Re: Skin care--Body Edition!

I just read about people swearing by a sugar scrub shave, saying that it gives them super-silky legs. Has anyone tried this?


I only have salt scrubs, but I don't think that will work, since salt+micro-cuts produced by shaving would probably sting like hell.

Re: Skin care--Body Edition!

I have this issue with dry fingertips! Actually just my thumbs and index finger where I put pressure when typing. I use L'Occitane hand cream. The back of my hand is super soft, but my fingertips are flakey and dry.


Any tips?


My favorite scrub is the Body Shop's Vineyard Peach Body Scrub!! It smells sooooo good and my skin feels super soft after it, followed by L'Occitane almond shower oil and body oil!


As for feet, I like using my Body Shop foot file!



Re: Skin care--Body Edition!


i love this stuff!!!  i worked in child care for many years and the constant cleaning with bleach killed my hands!! this was what helped get rid of the cracks, flakes and hydrate my hands!  i am addicted...i probably go through one of these a month

Re: Skin care--Body Edition!

where do you find that?

Re: Skin care--Body Edition!

I've seen the Glysomed line in Walmarts and most nation-wide pharmacies. Josie Maran's Intensive Hand treatment and Jo Malones Vitamin E Nourshing Hand Treatment have also worked for my dry fingertips which touch alcohol and acetone a dozen times a day.

Re: Skin care--Body Edition!

i'm in canada and get mine at walmart or shoppers drug mart

Re: Skin care--Body Edition!

I have Dyshidrotic eczema, little itchy blisters on my hands, feet, and sometimes my arms, legs, and trunks... This basically means my skin hates me and being exposed to water,  and it can freak out when I am stressed out. Thqankfully I haven't had a breakout on my hands and feet since I switched to the following regimen:


1. Started taking vitamin D. Seems that a lot of women have low vitamin D, so I now take 1000 mg under doctor supervision; this has helped my skin along with other health concerns.


2. I only use organic bath products, like Pacifica Kona Coffee Sugar Detox Scrub and 100% Pure Cocoa Kona Coffee Body Scrub (I really love the smell of coffee!)


3. I use body oil (various ones depending on my scent mood) before applying Cetaphil Moisturizing Cream.


4. I use Neutrogena Swiss Formula hand cream right after washing my hands and drying thoroughly. 


it isn't cheap to maintain this regimen but it is so worth it because I am no longer ashamed of how my skin looks.

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