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Shiseido Set

I just saw a post from Starletta8 saying she really likes the Shiseido items she has tried. I tested some today at the Sephora event but really havent used any of their products. I have combination skin (oily forehead & nose, normal cheeks & dry around my mouth).  The SA recommended the balancing set. What do you think?



Oh and I loved the Urban Environment Tinted UV Protector Broad Spectrum (shade 1).  Just disappeared on my skin and then felt smooth.

Re: Shiseido Set

lol I used one at the sephora event. they are really nice!

Re: Shiseido Set

Yeah I agree on the even thing but you know he's going to be on here the 28th of this month . I also agree that of course you want to sample stuff because it can be really expensive.Smiley Happy

Re: Shiseido Set

yeah I think I would really like the the Hydra-Pure OilFree Moisture but I feel like i cant shell out $78 If I have never tested it. It just sounds sooo cool. I may have to take a trip (a few hrs away) to a free standing Sephora to get a sample... 

Re: Shiseido Set

so I ended up purchasing the skincare softener & the cotton pieces. I really liked the way my skin felt after wearing/using the softener yesterday & it didnt break me out.  I got a fragrance too- so that means triple points!!!!

Re: Shiseido Set

Wow it sounds to me like the sephora Sales representative did a great job at sales pitching all the gals that came in for Saturday's event. That's the same product they Tried to pitch to me it's quite obvious that the Sophora gals were trying to sell products they had a lot of stock Of for the demand of the day

Re: Shiseido Set

i agree, The rep was a little pushy with me.  But I didnt buy anything then (it turns me off when crew members act like that). I bought the cleanser at TJMaxx for $20 and then the toner online where I could get 3X points for my fragrance purchase as well!


Re: Shiseido Set

Wow, I had the opposite experience. Then again, they all know me- and and the first question was if I knew anything about Shiseido.

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