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#allergyawareness, #Sensitiveskintype
So, I am reaching out on this because I am having trouble finding products for myself to solve my skincare needs. I moved to central Oregon high desert area a couple of years back and it has affected my skin. Despite using everything that I have in the past that always done a great job and staying well hydrated, I am now having a serious problem with dry skin to the point it’s what you would call ashiness. This is not normal for someone like me that has my skin type. It would take Extreme dehydration for this condition to happen with my skin type. I have tried other products to try and solve the issue however the products that other people keep trying to suggest to me have ingredients that I am Highly and severely allergic to. Unfortunately with skin care products the ingredients are not written out plainly.  So, when I find a product I want to try it takes an immense amount of work to find out what some of the ingredients are. 
What I would like to ask is for help from the community that is more knowledgeable if any of you all can make recommendations for some products that do not contain the following.
Hemp, Cannabis or any derivative of it, any plant in the milkweed family or common grass family like alfalfa. Hops, evergreens, that does include pinenuts. I doubt that any of the products would contain the other things I’m allergic to but just in case. I am also allergic to all of the cephalopod Family. And pretty much all furry creatures with much sadness. Felines however are at the top of the list.
Now a lot of you all are going to tell me to use Neutrogena, or several other brands like that that are very common for sensitive skin types. The problem is is that They irritate my skin. I have eczema which is common for people that have allergies. I try to stick to products that have no fragrance and no dyes. Especially the no fragrances, as some of the Ingredients for fragrances commonly come from our furry friends and I’m allergic to most of them.
The two main things that I’m needing to find the most is something to treat the callouses that have formed on my heels and are cracking to the point of pain and a body cream that can help with my dehydrated skin. The cream needs to be of a very thick viscous quality at this point to do me any good.
I realise I am asking for the next to impossible but I can hope.

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